If there is anything that combines the physical, spiritual and mental elements in perfect harmony, it is Yoga. This is where one shifts from trying to be thin to trying to be fit. In a fast paced, competitive, materialistic race that life has become, yoga pushes you to be with just yourself for a few minutes and hear the beat of your heart, feel the blood running through your veins, taste the air that you breathe and appreciate yourself and your body as being a gift in itself.

Yoga is not just about exercise, it is a lifestyle. When you choose yoga, you are inadvertently choosing to live a life of peace and tranquility. You are choosing to give your body a way to cope with the various pressures it has to deal with everyday. You are choosing the flow of a gentle stream. However before you start it is important to understand why yoga is important, especially in today’s fast paced, life where the day starts at 8 and most of the times it ends past midnight. You have to understand where Yoga originated from and how it has helped people over the years.

Yoga, by definition, is the learning and practicing of various postures and exercises. It includes deep breathing, flexible body movements and positions, meditations and relaxation. It is all about healing your body naturally by giving time and attention to the natural processes that human body is equipped to do. The essence of Yoga lies in simplicity.

Yoga has its origin in ancient India. In Sanskrit, the word is yóga, which means a coming together or union. It has its genesis in meditative practices followed in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. However, in the mid 19th century, the philosophies of Yoga reached the western shores through the preaching Swami Vivekananda. Today, world over, yoga is practiced and researched as an alternate form of healthy living and medicine as well.

The Yoga practiced in today’s day and age is mostly associated with asanas. It involves meditation, the learning of various postures. They mostly revolve around the various asanas and are directed towards the mental, spiritual and physical upliftment of the body in an environment that is peaceful and awake to the internal working of our system.

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