Food for Hair Growth

Food for Hair Growth

Worried of slow growth of your hair? Have you ever evaluated your diet chart? It’s high time to bring some changes in the diet plan. A healthy and balanced diet improves the condition of overall health.

Here are given few dietary modifications which can actually bring a lot of difference in the health condition and hence in regulating the hair growth:–

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon tops in the list of nutritious food for hair. It is full of high-quality protein and vitamin B-12 and iron which deeply nourishes the health of scalp. Deficiency of above mentioned vitamins and proteins can lead to dryness of scalp. For vegetarians, two tablespoons of ground flaxseed is highly recommended for compensating the need of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dark green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard are excellent sources of vitamins A and C, iron and calcium. It helps body to produce sebum which is secreted by hair follicles. It acts as a natural conditioner to hair.

Kidney beans and lentils are good for hair care. They are rich in protein which helps in promoting the growth of hair. Excess of iron, zinc and biotin can result in brittle hair.

Fish liver oils, dairy products, pumpkin and dark green vegetables rich in vitamin A helps in promoting the growth of hair.

Corn potatoes, oats, rice plums, raisins, nuts, yeast and ham rich in vitamin B-1 are essential for healthy hair.

Avocados, milk, eggs rich in vitamin B-2 prevent dandruff.

Lean meats, liver, poultry, fish, cheese nuts, prunes, potatoes rich in vitamin B-3 help in increasing blood flow to regulate the growth of hair.

Peanut, butter, mushroom, brown rice, bulgur, oats, beef liver, royal jelly, nuts, egg rich in biotin helps in thickening the hair strand and make it look healthy and shiny.

Eggs, soybeans, peanuts and liver helps in keeping the root of the hair moist.

Liver, grains, nuts, yeast, dates, oranges, green leafy vegetables, brown rice helps the renewing the hair cells.

Drink plenty of water. It keeps the body hydrated and help in maintaining the health of hair.

Certain eatables are not good for health and hence for hair. If you cannot eliminates such eatable items then try to limit their amount. Caffeine, fat, sugar and carbonated drinks should be consumed in fewer amounts as it is harmful for health.

Genetics plays an important role in deciding the look and quality of your hair. Following well balanced diet will improve the quality and quantity of hair

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