Weight gain diet for men

Weight gain foods for men

If you are overweight, you are worried. If not, then also. Few others are struggling hard to be in the same shape. Why? It is human nature to not to be satisfy with what you have. This is good too.

While few men who are overweight are jealous of those who are slim and well masculine built while few others who are skinny are in the race of gaining weight.

But there is solution for everything. Whether you have to lose or have to gain our trusted tips are here to help you out. Opt for healthy foods. Supplements can also do the work but they are never reliable. Consult experts before consuming it.

Here are some tips for men to gain weight:–

Opt for the king size breakfast. Heavy breakfast makes you feel full whole day and helps in gaining weight too. Have eggs, whole grains, pasta, muffins, fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, bananas etc and vegetables rich in starch such as potatoes, sweet potatoes etc. cantaloupe and pastries can also be added in the breakfast. Drink a minimum of one glass of milk full of cream.

Eat whatever you want because you don’t have to count calories like your counterparts who are on their way to shred some kilos. But eat intelligently and decide what your body needs in order to gain weight. Increase the amount of protein. Include turkey, chicken, mutton, pork or beef, fish especially salmon, tuna, tilapia, prawns, shrimp, sardines etc. This is not the limit. It is time to garnish those mouth-watering dishes with your favorite cheese and butter. But don’t be excited to everything at once. It may affect your digestive system.

If you feeling hungry at around 6 pm then have mango milk shake, juice, French fries etc. almonds, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, roasted corn with extra butter or cheese, soups or beverages are good for gaining weight.

Dinner should be quite light than lunch for easy digestion. Chop down salad items such as onion, tomato, cabbage, cucumber, carrots and others. Garnish your chicken with it along with extra cheese and butter. Pork, beef and muttons are not considered healthy for the digestive system to eat during night.

Despite having this heavy meal, if you are still feeling hungry late in the night then have something. Bedtime snacks are helpful in weight gain. Have a packet of potato chips along with tea.

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