Weight gain diet for women

Weight gain diet for women

Health problems cannot be related only to obesity or overweight. Being skinny or underweight especially women can create lots of health problems. A significant underweight woman can face problems in menstrual cycle and put you at risk for osteoporosis. Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body can also call many diseases.

But don’t be afraid if you are skinny and going through this article. We also have solution for you. The only thing is required is strict following of diet prescribed for weight gain.

Here are given tips for women to gain weight:–

Increase the number of meals in a day. Have five or six meals throughout the day. Eating frequent meals which are rich in calorie can help building lean muscle tissue while stimulating the appetite. Aim to consume 500 more calories than what you were had before.

Do exercise but don’t overdo. A moderate exercise, free hand exercise helps in stimulating the appetite and you will feel hungrier.

Choose food rich in calories, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean proteins. These foods are nutritious too. Include dairy products in the diet such as cheese; healthy oil like olive oil and canola oil; nuts especially almonds, peanut butter; seeds; whole grain breads, pasta and cereals; and lots of fruits and vegetables of your choice.

Drink plenty of water. Drink your favorite juice, soft drink, cold drink, artificial sweetened drinks and such others. Eat your favorite ice-cream daily or at least your favorite dessert. It will not only help in gaining weight but also make you happy.

There are certain foods which should be avoided in order to gain weight. Don’t be in hurry to gain weight and eat all the junk food, snack or sugary sweets. Keep in mind you have to stay healthy too. Avoid processed foods which contains saturates fat or trans-fats in large amount. Also, do not use powders and supplements which promise to make you gain weight in few weeks. Also, do not take caffeine or soda in excess amount. It will give rise to some new problems.

Have milk in any form. Milk is said to be the best muscle foods. It contains two proteins rich in quality—whey in 80 eight per cent and casein in 20 per cent. Whey breaks down into amino acid and gets absorbed in the bloodstream while casein gets digested slowly and supply protein.

If these tips does not helps you much, try meeting some registered dietician

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