Weight gain diet plan

Weight gain diet plan

Some people are blessed with a skinny body. Very often we can hear people saying that they are eating lot but not gaining much. Some people are so skinny that wherever they go they are asked to gain weight for a better look while some other people of the same category make people jealous by eating lot of calorie rich foods and giving the same look with the same appearance.

Here are given some tips for people who want to put on weight. Follow the given below diet plan and tips:–

Count the calories. Count the calories every time you ate something. There is one rule which can help in deciding which and how much of the eatables should be preferred by a particular man. The rule says at least one kg for each cm above 1m.

In order to exemplify it we can say 1m70/5’7” at least 70 kg/154lbs, 1m75/5’9” at least 75kg/165 lbs. It will help in tracking the calorie for each person.

Eat at a regular interval of time. To gain weight one needs to follow the following mathematical formulae: — lbs x 20 i.e. if a person is 135lbs then 2700 kcal are needed. If you have more physical activities or your job needs you to work out more you would need even more. Eat after every three hours.

Start the day with calorie rich diet. 100gm of oatmeal contains 4000 kcal. Add some ingredients to make it tastier. You can add natural peanut butter; milk especially whole milk; nuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts; fruits especially bananas, apples, pears, pineapple and dry fruits such as raisins, dates, prunes, apricots. Do not forget to top the mixture with cinnamon. Granola and Muesli are another great option for breakfast. They are also rich in calories. Add some more sugar to it or you can buy added sugar packets.

Between breakfast and lunch have some morning snack such as fried potato, French fries or potato chips with a glass of Cola. It will help in solving the purpose.

Add red meat such as pork, beef, veal and lamb in the lunch besides rice, and multigrain toast. One sweetened dish or sugar sweetened beverages, artificial sweetened soft drinks will help in adding calorie and fat and hence help in gaining weight. Another option is regular size hamburger bun with slice of cheese and one tablespoon of mayonnaise along with one soft drink.

Have eggs, sandwiches, milk, shakes, nuts, yoghurt along with sugar sweetened tea in the evening snack.

The late night supper is very important to gain weight. Eat chicken, potatoes, brown rice, wheat bread, oatmeal, fish, nuts, seeds and fruits. Include anything of your choice.


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