Weight gain Vegetarian diet

Weight gain Vegetarian diet

Vegetarians prefer low saturated fat, cholesterol and calories foods which weigh them less than their non-vegetarian counterparts. But vegetarians are considered lucky when it comes to lose weight because they don’t have to avoid too much. But putting few pounds quickly is like a challenge for vegetarians in a healthy way. More ice-cream and extra dessert can help in solving the problem up to many extents.

Here are given few tips to gain weight through vegetarian diet:–

Intake of protein is vital to gain weight for vegetarian diet followers. Prepare a combination of legumes, nuts and seeds and have it with whole grain breads, cereals and soy products. Protein helps in body building and repairs and builds the lean muscles.

Almonds are good source of protein, mono-saturated fat and the least saturated fat. It has healthy fats. Roasted almonds can be more beneficial and tastes good too. Legumes such as lentils and black eyes peas have the lowest glycemic index and the most soluble fiber. Use it in for making soups and stews. Vegetarian chili can also be prepared out of it. Use olive oil for these recipes.

Few people who call them vegetarians eat egg and fish. Fish helps in gaining weight. Salmon has the healthiest oil. Tuna is good too.

Avoid caffeine and nicotine. They are stimulants which help in increasing the metabolism of the body. Cut down the consumption of these to get maximum nutrition from the diet.

Have snacks at bedtime. It will surely help in gaining weight.

Instead of eating one meal at once, have smaller meals throughout the day to feel full. Do not keep your stomach empty. Smaller meals all day helps in increasing the food intake capacity of our body.

Don’t overdo exercise. If your physical activities in the job are keeping you busy, try carrying something which can provide you instant energy. Artificial sweetened soft drinks, colas and juices are good for gaining weight.

Be friend with chocolates. Go for your favorite chocolate.

Make sure you are not skipping your meals especially the breakfast. Skipping breakfast can slow down your metabolism. In the breakfast prefer one cup sugar added muesli, whole milk, one kiwi fruit or one red apple.

Do not starve. Avoid being on fast. These can only lead to reducing energy and calories.

Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. The metabolism system needs water in good amount in order to work effectively

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