weight loss Diet chart

Diet chart for weight loss

Healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Healthy body can be achieved by eating healthy. Eat healthy, live healthy. Follow this mantra and enjoy your life at its fullest.

There is no shortcut for losing weight. It is about eating right food in right portion at right time. Be determined to follow the goal you have set. Be clear in your decision.

Cut down the consumption of excess salt and sugar. Both in excess amount are not appropriate for healthy body. Cut the amount of rice and potato if you can’t restrict yourself. Prefer fresh juice over artificial juices. Say no to aerated drinks.

Start the day with a glass of water. It helps in better functioning of metabolism system.

The diet chart starts with breakfast

Research studies have proved that intake of protein in the breakfast is necessary to make one feel full throughout the day. Two eggs omelet along with one slice of multigrain toast and one black coffee are considered good to start the day. For morning snack, stick to one apple, four almonds, five walnuts and one teaspoon of flaxseed. It will help in keeping you healthy.

Another option is—one glass of skimmed milk, one medium orange and one cup of cereal/oatmeal. Morning snacks could be a bowl of sprouts.

Lunch—include salad which is full of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Two slices of multigrain toast, one bowl of any dal/kadhi/rajma/chana, raita, mix vegetable, soya nuggets and stir fried veggies. If you like, you can also opt for a saucer of chicken.

Have a cup of tea/herbal tea/coconut water/juice with some snack such as low butter popcorn, non-creamy biscuit in the evening.

Dinner—one bowl homemade tomato soup, one bowl mixed vegetable, two slices of multigrain toast and one bowl of dal. Non-vegetarians can opt for steamed fish fillets with grilled garden vegetables. The intake of omega-3 fatty acids regulates the body’s ability to respond to insulin and reduces the weight.   

Massage your own body with your own hands. Just spend ten minutes in it. Put some oil in your hands and gently massage the whole body. The gentle strokes help in toning the body. It is of much use when you are losing weight to keep the skin toned and healthy.

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