Causes for Hair Loss in Men

Causes for Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss in men could be easily found. Androgen alopecia is term given to hair loss in male. It may be hereditary factors, hectic lifestyle, bad eating habits, lack of vitamins and minerals, lack of nutritious diet, lack of proper care and such others. If the problem persists for longer time and no proper attention to be paid, it can worsen and results into baldness.

Here are given some causes for hair loss in men:–

Genes—inherited genes are the chief reason for hair loss in men which pass on to one generation to another. Genes are chemically encoded hereditary code present in the chromosome and represent a tiny segment of DNA.

X-chromosome and Y-chromosome are related to sex on which genes are located. This helps in finding out whether the hair loss is inherited from the mother’s side or the father’s side. Nothing can be generalized about hair loss is related to which side without having proper probe into the matter.

Gene expressivity is the term used when the gene characteristics of hair loss has found to be visible in a particular individual. However, gene expression depends on a number of factors such as hormones, age, stress and such others.

Hormones—hormones are powerful chemicals present in various glands of the body. Only secretion of minute amount of hormones brings about many changes in the body. It profoundly affects the body.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone which formed in the testicles. It is responsible for many changes such as growth of phallus and scrotum, production of sperm, development of a sex drive, voice change, and pubic hair growth, development of adult aroma in the sweat, increase in the bone and muscle mass and development of beard. The same hormone marks the inception of hair loss. Androgens, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) cause some follicles to die. DHT decreases the period of the growing cycle and increases the resting period due to which each new cycle the hair shaft becomes progressively smaller. It finally results in baldness.

Age—age matters a lot in deciding a person’s normal growth mentally and physically. It keeps a check on the correct age for a person to attain the stage of puberty, which hormones will secrete targeting which part of body. But this varies individual to individual and many things depend on the composition of genes and level of testosterone in the bloodstream.

Hair loss in men is not a steady process. It does not occur at once. It is a cyclic process which starts with slow and rapid hair loss. One can attain stability also. But it may continue later on and results into baldness.

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