How to get pink lips naturally

How to get pink lips naturally

Pink and rosy lips are the most attractive feature of a girl. There are lots of cosmetics and beauty products available in the market which can make your lips look pink. But that is for time being. You need to carry a lipstick or gloss in your bag and wear it when you feel the need.

What if your lips turn pink naturally? It will look more attractive and appealing than any branded beauty product. Follow the given below tips to get pink lips naturally:–

While applying any mask or therapy or facial, soak cotton on carrot or beetroot juice and place it on the lips.

Use the orange peel for exfoliating the cells. It will help in removing the entire dead cells and hence turn the lip colour pink naturally.

Massage the lips with honey and petals of rose. It will make the lips look natural pink.

Prepare a mixture of saffron and ghee. Apply it as and when needed. It lightens and brightens the colour of lip with a feel of soft and smooth.

To hydrate the skin of lips, massage it with ice cubes.

Hot water and hot bath leads to dryness. Stay away from heat. Heat takes away the moisture from the lips and leaves it dry.

Beetroot juice helps a lot in making the lips look pink. It is most beneficial when applied during bedtime. Apply at least thrice a day.

Crush the rose petals and mix it into fresh milk cream. Massage the lips gently with this paste and leave it for half an hour. Then wash it off.

Homemade pure ghee is also an effective remedy for making the lip look pink. Apply it regularly. It acts as a natural lip balm and keeps the lip moisturized throughout the day.

Since the time immemorial mustard oil is well known for treating many problems. Put two drops of mustard oil in the belly button during bedtime. It nourishes the lips deeply and makes it look pink.

Massage the lips with olive oil before taking bath. It will act as lip balm. Clove oil can also be applied.

Exfoliating of lips also plays an important role to make it look pink and fresh. Take a smooth brush and brush the lips gently with it. It will help in exfoliating dry flakes.

Vitamin E is very good for lips. Try massaging the lips with oil rich in Vitamin E.

Pure honey also helps in turning lips pink. Apply it before going to bed.

Healthy and nutritious diet helps in nourishing the overall body. Vitamin A helps in making your lips look healthy and pink.

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