women Hair Loss causes

Hair Loss causes in women

As part of the hair growth cycle, shredding of hair is common. Everyone experiences it. Losing fifty strands a day it considered to be very normal. There is always one to replace the old one. But when it more than normal it is hair loss. It is serious condition and needs proper attention.

Here are given few causes of hair loss in women:–

Telogen Effluvium—one can experience it after pregnancy, major surgery, radical weight loss or much stress. During these days, one can notice large amount of hair fall after shampooing, styling or just after brushing. It could be due to some medications. It may continue up to six weeks to three months.

There is no such test which can prove that you have telogen effluvium. It can be identified by observing the recent activities in life. Consult your doctors and ask for the most suitable medicine or advise which prevents excess hair fall or hair loss.

Genes—in women, androgenetic alopecia is the term given to genetic hair loss. It can either be inherited from mother or father or from both. It starts with thinning of the hair behind the bangs which in worst case spread across the scalp.

Consult dermatologist and they will help in knowing you the pattern of hair loss. It will make you aware about the proper reason behind it. Many home remedies are there to work on it but when it is beyond control, one should definitely pay attention to it and seek some medical help.

Traction alopecia—it occurs when ponytail is tied tightly which results in pulling the hair. The repeated tight ponytail causes hair loss mostly in temple area. It the style does not get changed, it can lead to permanent damaging of the hair follicle.

Alopecia areata—it is the phase in which one experience the hair falls in small round patches. It can lead to male patterning baldness or sometimes complete loss of hair at face, eyebrows, eyelashes, underarms and pubic area. It is rarely found.

There are other causes for hair loss in women. It includes drop in hormone level, after delivery when the placenta causes the pregnancy hormones to fall, excess intake of birth control pills, acute fever, extreme stress i.e. psychological trauma, major surgery, hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, lack of sufficient intake of vitamins and proteins in the diet, diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, chemotherapy or radiation therapy and such others.

Dye, bleach, ironing, perm, which involve strong heat and chemicals weakens the shaft the hair and break them off.

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