Ankle Pain Home Remedies

Ankle Pain Home Remedies

Feet are the most exposed part of human body which we mistreat terribly. We stand, walk and jump on them. Even some hard core fashion followers force them into shoes that are far from comfortable. So, getting ankle pain is no wonder in today’s life.

Ankle pains due to overwork of lower limbs. But people deny taking care of them until they hurt. Here are given few remedies to prevent or cure ankle pain:–

Try elevating your feet at a 45 degree angle to the body. It will move the blood away from the feet and help reducing the pain or swelling. It will relax the muscles and body.

Soaking them in the warm water is good for relaxation. Take hot water into a tub and add two tablespoon of Epsom salt to it. Soak your feet for 15 minutes and then pat them.

Alternate hot and cold soak is also good for reducing ankle pain. Take two tubs. Fill the first one with hot and second with cold water. Soak the feet one minute in hot and then in cold. It is one of the most effective home remedies for ankle pain.

Massage your feet with oil, lotion or cream. Massage gently with medium-light strokes with the help of thumbs and fingers in the circular motion. Have deep strokes on toe and ankle.

Had a hectic schedule? A way to refresh your feet—ties few cubes of ice in a washcloth or plastic bag and put it on the feet. It will make you feel nice and also reduces the pain.

Coconut and garlic oils are said to effective in reducing pain and swelling. Take both oils in equal quantity and warm them. Gently massage them for ten minutes allowing oils to soak into the skin.

Regular exercise is a key to live a healthy life.

Opt for most comfortable shoes. Good support and cushioning are excellent. Stop hurting your feet for the sake of fashion trends. Don’t wear heels for longer time as it may cause back pain too. Opt for good-fitting pair of foot wears.

Wear the right shoes on right occasions. Keep changing your shoes.

Cabbage is great for reducing ankle pain. The minerals and vitamins present in it help much. Take the outer layers of it and boil them in water. Place these leaves into ice-cold water. Now wrap the feet with these blanched leaves for 30 minutes and get relief.

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