Dark Lips Home Remedies

Home remedies dark lips

To make your lips look beautiful, first step you need to take is preventing them from turning dark.

Apply toothpaste on the lips before taking bath. Continue it for few days and see the result.

Quit smoking. The major cause for turning the lips dark is smoking. Avoid as much as you can.

Excess use of tea and coffee also results in darkening of the lips. Try not to have them frequently.

Do not sleep with lips coated with lipstick. Always clean your lips before going to bed and apply some honey to it.

The frequent use of lipstick especially low quality lip colour for longer time darkens the lips. Avoid using the lipstick for longer time.

Always moisturize your lips. Dry lips often results into cracked and chapped lips. Also, regularly exfoliate the lips.

Prepare a mixture of lime juice, honey and glycerine and apply it regularly on the lips. Several weeks of continuous effort will lighten the colour your lip.

Prepare a mixture of almond, milk and fresh cream. Apply it on the lips and let it dry for an hour. Wash it off.

Experts say the juice of beetroot, pomegranate or coriander helps in lightening the colour of lips. To extract the juice of coriander grind few leaves of it in a blender.

Moisturized lips appear lighter. Natural moisturizers are more beneficial. Use butter, cream, honey and such others. Use them as and when needed.

Lemon juice works well on dark lips. Take gram flour, yoghurt, honey, and lemon juice. Mix them well. Massage gently and leave it to dry for half an hour and then wash it off.

Always use sunscreen to protect the lips. Sunrays can increase the pigmentation and will make them appear even darker.

Apply apple cider vinegar twice a day to lighten the colour of lips.

Crush few petals of rose in a tablespoon of honey and apply it on lips. Repeat it twice a day for regularly one week.

Massage the twice in the morning and evening with yoghurt.

Drink plenty of water and fruit juice to eliminate signs of ageing and make it appear more beautiful and lighter in tone.

Change your toothpaste to check if you have allergy with it. It may also darken your lips.

Lack of Vitamins and minerals cold also be one the reasons for darkening of the lips. Fresh vegetables and fruits can compensate the need.

Fresh gel of aloe vera also helps in moisturizing the lips as well as lightens the tone.

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