Dry Cough Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Dry Cough

Dry cough irritates the most and becomes sometime much embarrassing when attending some meeting or addressing any gathering. When no mucus is produced, it is termed as dry cough. People suffering from dry cough wish something to bring immediate relief to the problem. You can treat this at home with the help of simple dry cough home remedies. These home remedies for dry cough dont have nay bad effect and cure you naturally.

Here are given some home remedies to cure dry cough:–

Warm water is best for treating respiratory discomforts. The moisturizing effects of water soothe the respiratory membranes and help in curing dry cough. A pinch of salt can also be added to this.

Ginger, the easily available remedy at home, is also one of the most effective remedy for dry cough. If you can, peel it off and chew directly. However, to add some taste salt can be added to this. If you cannot handle the taste, make a ginger tea followed by pepper and basil leaves to add more effect.

Garlic is well known for its antibiotic properties in curing dry cough. It is also one of the most powerful herbal medicines. Mix the chopped garlic in honey. Marinate it overnight and have one tablespoon everyday as and when needed.

Onion stimulated the secretion of mucus and hence provides relief. Extract the juice of lemon and add some honey to it. Let it settle for around five hours and have it.

Mix the lemon juice and honey in warm water and drink it. It will have great effect on dry cough.

Prepare a tea and add aniseed in it. It is also helpful in treating dry cough.

Extract the grape juice and add honey to it. Drink it and get the desired result.

Turmeric is said to cure the problem in just two days. Add one gram of turmeric in one teaspoon of honey and have it. Repeat it thrice a day and result would be visible within two days.

Before going to bed have a glass of warm milk. Use honey instead of sugar.

Add cinnamon to a cup of tea to have some relief.

Soak almonds in the water and leave it overnight. Peel off the skin and make a fine paste of it. Add butter and sugar to the paste. Have it twice a day.

Extract carrot juice and mix it with an equal amount of milk and drink it. Do this twice a day.

Chew cardamom for longer time.

Take steam by adding eucalyptus oil in hot water. Cover your head with towel and inhale it.


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