Dry Eyes Home Remedies

Dry Eyes Home Remedies

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. Dry eyes cannot be categorized as a health hazard but working environment and everyday activities determines a lot. A number of factors add to it. It is a bit irritating and annoying. Dry environment and prolonged exposure to sun are the chief reasons for dry eyes.

Easy to afford home remedies with no ill-effects are worthwhile to give a try. Following are given some of the home remedies for dry eyes:–

A moist towel helps in soothing the eyes. Placing a warm clean cloth or pad on the closed eyelids helps in opening the clogged oil glands. Lie down and place it on the eyelids for about ten minutes. Repeat it as and when needed.

Proper amount of moisture is vital to healthy eyes. Keep your surrounding filled with proper amount of moisture.

Cut cucumber in slices and place them on the eyes. It relaxes the eyes and stimulates moisture.

Blink often to keep moisture in the eyes. Staring at the computer or television screens, reading or sewing and such activities for longer periods often makes the eyes dry. While doing these we do not blink as often as we should do normally and this leads to evaporation of the eye moisture.

Avoid facing forced movement of air. Keep the windows closed. Avoid fan air and hair dryer. These can help in treating dry eyes.

Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. This will help in secreting many fluids inside the body that eventually will secrete fluid to moisture the eyes.

Avoid facing sunlight with naked eyes. Use sunglass.

Try not rubbing the eyes when feeling itchy. It will add to the problem.

Say no to smoking.

Vitamin A is fundamental in treating dry eyes. Increase the intake of vitamin A in the diet either in the form of foods or as a supplement. Eat carrots, sardines, salmon, eggs, and omega-3 fatty acids or flaxseeds. It will nourish and help in treating dry eyes.

Try natural oils. It helps in curing the problem completely.

Place tea bags on the dry eyes for about five minutes and get relax.

Try trusted homemade eye drops. Honey, ghee or clarified butter, sesame oil and decoction made from fennel seeds are said to be very effective in curing dry eyes. It also has long-lasting effect.

Bilberry tea provides immediate relief. This herbal tea helps in supplying oxygen to the eyes that result in the natural hydration of the eye glands and also revitalizes the optic glands

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