Ear Pain Home Remedies

Ear Pain Home Remedies

Earache or ear pain, the most unbearable kind of body pain is capable of making a person uncomfortable to its maximum extent. It is more commonly found in children as compare to adults.

Opt for home remedies straight from kitchen:–

Use garlic. Pour the juice of garlic in the ear. The antibiotic properties of garlic help in relieving.

If ear is paining due to rise in height, then opt for chew gums it will help in contracting the muscles and unblocking the Eustachian tubes.

If ear infection is due to swimming, then remember, putting a few drops of mineral oil in both the ears before going to swim.

The most old but yet effective method for ear pain are heat therapy. Warm cloth or heating pad placing on aching ear gives desirable result.

Holy basil is also very much effective in ear pain. Put two drops of juice of holy basil leaves in the aching ear. It is one the most effective remedy for ear pain.

Vitamin C helps in strengthening the immunity system of body and hence protects the body from any kind of infections. Ear pain is nothing but infection and intake of the said vitamin helps in fighting against the infection.

Zinc is also said to be effective for reducing ear pain. Include it in diet.

Avoid taking foods which aggravates the problem. It includes milk, butter, cheese etc. It tends to make the problem more complicated.

Clean your ear or consult professionals for cleaning your ear at a regular interval of time. It will clear out dirt and dust which causes infection.

Crisco oil is known for providing immediate relief from ear pain. Put two drops of the said oil in the aching ear and get relieved within minutes.

Warm the salt in the frying pan. Put it into white tube sock. Tie the sock and lay it on the ear. Do not put it on ear as the granules of salt may drop in the ear and can add to the problem. Put it under the ear while you lay down. This is another effective remedy for ear pain.

Take few cloves of garlic and a cotton ball. The cotton ball should be small enough to fit in the ear. Place the chopped garlic in cotton ball and dip it in alcohol. Squeeze out the excess alcohol from the cotton ball and put it in the aching ear.

Take a cotton ball and dip it into olive oil. Squeeze out the excess oil and warm it. To make it warm, we can place the cotton ball in the microwave. Squeeze out the excess oil and put it into ear. Olive oil can also be replaced with paracetamol.


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