Foot Care Home Remedies

Foot Care Home Remedies

 The most exposed parts of our body are hands and feet. These need extra caring and caring for them not only makes them look good but also develops your personality and also relaxes your body.

It is true that everyone cannot afford high cost pedicure, here are given few home remedies direct from the kitchen and bathroom applying which can bring lots of differences:–

Three steps to get beautiful feet. Following are the steps:–


Salt, the essence of food have effective results on skin too. When your feet is tired, swollen and aching, mix half cup of baking soda and half cup of sea salt and dissolve it in hot water. Dip your feet in it and let the solution do its wonders.

The antibacterial properties of vinegar and lemon also help in exfoliation of dead cells. The acidity present in them help in killing fungus and balance the skin. Soak your feet in the solution of water and vinegar or juice.




Take three tablespoon of olive/almond/apricot oil and aloe vera gel. Apply it on the feet and leave for few minutes. Use a pumice stone and move it in circular motion. Work well on heels, calluses or corns. Apply the paste to moisturize the feet and let it soak. Rinse the feet with warm water and feel the softness.

Mix one cup of cornmeal, ¼ cup of sea salt, five drops of peppermint essential oil, four drops of tea tree essential oil, two to four tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Store this mixture in refrigerators for few hours. Massage the feet with this mixture. Rinse it with warm water.


Olive oil is a great moisturizer and has a long-lasting effect on feet.

Take coconut and almond oil, beeswax and cocoa butter and melt it on low heat. Add some water to make it smooth. Keep stirring it after removing from heat. Add essential oils and mix it well so that water and oil does not separate. Leave it to cool and transfer it into an airtight container. Before going to bed apply this cream every night and put cotton socks. It is an amazing moisturizer that nourishes the feet overnight.

Mix olive oil and coconut oil in 1:2 ratios respectively. Add mashed strawberries and few drops of vitamin E to this mixture. Apply it thoroughly and wash it after 15 minutes. Pat it dry and get soft and smooth feet.


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