Grey hair home remedies

Grey hair home remedies

Today greying of hair is not restricted to people belonging to age group of 40 or 40+. Premature greying could be seen commonly among youngsters and the reasons are excess stress, too much intake of caffeine, alcohol beverages, spices, foods which lacks in protein.

Today market is being flooded with products which promise to colour your hair of your choice and it’s true. But what bothers is to maintaining that look for longer period of time.

Follow some home remedies to treat or at least prevent hair from greying:–

The combination of lemon juice and amla are considered to be most effective for giving the most natural black shine to hair.

Include butter milk with two teaspoon of yeast and wheat germ. It will prevent hair from premature greying of hair.

Boil dried amla in the coconut oil. Let it turn black. Rub it on scalp regularly to have long-lasting result.

Mix the fresh grated ginger with honey. Store it in a jar. Have a teaspoon of it every day.

Onion paste is also effective for treating grey hair. Apply the paste on scalp regularly before taking bath.

Massaging the hair with lemon juice mixed in coconut oil also helps in preventing the hair from becoming grey.

Sesame seeds are useful to treat grey hair in both the ways–when taken it in diet and also when applied on the hair mixed with oil.

Eating the sprouts of fenugreek has positive impact on the hairs. The paste of fenugreek can also be applied on the hair one hour before taking bath. It can be repeated once in a week.

Boil dried ridge gourd (tori) with coconut oil. Wait till it turns black. Use this mixture to massage on the roots of hair.

Apply henna paste once in a week. It colours the hair naturally.

Prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of table salt and one cup of black tea without milk. Apply it on the scalp and rinse the hair after an hour.

Boil the leaves on neem and filter it out. Let it cool for some time and use this water to rinse the hair. It will gradually turn the hair black.

Drinking carrot juice also helps in turning the grey hair black.

Durva i.e. dub, the paste of this grass is useful in turning grey hair black. Prepare a paste and apply 15 minutes before taking bath. Rinse it well.

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