Hair Fall Home Remedies

Home Remedies for Hair Fall Control


Hair redefines the complete beauty of a person. Proper hair care is essential for attaining healthy hairs. Nowadays hair fall has become most common problem especially among youths. Introduction of oils, shampoos, conditioners, masks, capsules and such others by many promising brands have even failed to produce favourable result.


Here are some of the home remedies to control hair fall:–


Regular use of lukewarm oil for hair massaging stimulates the growth of hair by increasing the blood circulation. It is advised to use at least once in a week.


Coconut milk helps in regeneration of dead hair follicles and keeps the hair soft.


Aloe vera juice is considered most effective home remedy to control hair fall. Cut the leaves of aloe vera and massage the hair and scalp with aloe gel and finally use lukewarm water to wash it off.


Fenugreek seeds also known as methi are used as medicine for controlling hair fall. Mix the powder of fenugreek seeds with the coconut oil and massage it gently on the roots on hair. Leave it overnight and wash it off with mild shampoo.


Apply the mixture of curd and gram flour on the hair one hour before shampooing to avoid dandruff.


Apply the onion juice on the scalp to boost the blood circulation and preventing hair fall. Even intake of onion and garlic in the diet has the vital results.


Mix henna along with egg and curd. Leave it overnight. Apply it on hair. Leave for an hour and wash it off with water. Shampoo the hair next day.


Increase the intake of protein in the diet such as eggs, chicken, sprouts, soya and milk on the daily basis. Vitamin E rich foods such as almonds, walnuts are also useful in promoting growth and controlling hair fall.


Drink plenty of water.


Use henna leaves. Boil 60gms of henna leaves in the oil. Filter it and store. Massage hair on the regular basis to have good results.


Mix the yolk of egg with castor oil and put it gently on hairs. Wash the hair with cold water after half an hour.


Avoid using blow-dryer, ironing, perming and hair styling frequently.


Trim your hair frequently at least once in a month.


Drink plenty of water. Get enough sleep at least for six to eight hours a day.


Do meditation, yoga or regular exercise on the daily basis to avoid stress and leading a better life. Stress has been found to be the one of the crucial reasons for hair fall in early ages. Avoid taking stress.


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