Headache Home Remedies

Headache Home Remedies

Headache occurs due to many reasons such as tension, mental stress, hypertension, indigestion, sleeplessness, fever and such others. It can be mild, moderate or severe. It may be occasional or may be very regular in the form of sinus. When occurs, it affects whole of the head, forehead and eyes and sometimes become difficult to bear the pain.


Try some home remedies to treat headache:–


Dehydration is considered to be one of the chief causes of headache. Hydrate yourself. Keep drinking water, juice and other fluids at regular interval.


Adequate sleep for adequate duration is necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle. Sleep at least for eight hours.


Prepare the paste of clove, cinnamon and almond in equal amount. Apply it on the forehead and get relaxed.


Massage the head or the particular area of the head where pain is felt with powder of clove mixed in the cinnamon oil. It will bring immediate relief from headache.


Use sesame oil, almond oil, mustard oil or ghee to massage the head during headache.


Avoid having yoghurt in night. It may cause headache.


Reduce stress. Do things that make you happy or give you inner happiness. A five minute break is stress buster and very strong home remedy for headache. Take a short walk during stress.


Breathe in fresh air. Start doing meditation and yoga that keeps your mind cool.


Rain should be avoided and one should take special care when exposed to extreme heat or cold.


Hot milk is beneficial during the pain especially cow milk.


Sugary and milk products such as sweets can be taken. Dry fruits such as almonds, nuts are also good during headache.


Try warm footbath. It will help in blood circulation all over the body and help in drive away the headache. Take warm bath. It will also help in relaxing the body.


Ginger helps in blood circulation and prevents headache. Chewing raw cloves of garlic as well as powdered ginger helps in improving the situation.


Sit straight. Poor postures create tension on the muscles that may cause headache. Those who work on computers should pay special attention on sitting postures.


The chronic headache can be cured by eating a peeled apple with a touch of salt everyday in the morning for one week.


Take steam. Add eucalyptus oil to a pot of hot water. Cover your head and inhale it. It will bring immediate relief to headache.

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