Home Remedies Depression

Home Remedies Depression

This proverb truly says, “Life is not a bed of roses.”

In everyone’s life, there always comes a time when one feels low and down. It is the fluctuation of mind and heart that makes one sometimes overwhelmed and distraught.

Depression is nothing but an emotional disorder. Mild depression is common among us. But major depression is dangerous as it disturbs the person completely and completely spoils the ongoing life.

 It may occur when people loses someone close to them. Or it could be due to hormonal changes. You can do some practical things to lift your mood. Here are given some home remedies to deal with depression:–

Be optimistic. Be positive. Be happy.

Avoid alcohol.

Learn laughing. Watch your favourite comedy show or go out for a movie.

Meet friends. Involve yourself. Make yourself busy. Join club.

Go for walking, jogging, swimming, gardening or any other activities that interests you.

Enjoy playing with your dog. It will surely lift up your mood.

Do exercise such as aerobic exercise, weight lifting, jumping, running, roping, cycling or any other form.

Direct from kitchen—prepare a tulsi tea with sage. It will make you feel good and lighter. Even green tea provides energy and help in refreshing your mood.

Cut down the consumption of tea, coffee or cola. Researchers have proved that caffeine suppresses the production of serotonin and leads to depression.

Be friends with pen and paper. Pen down all the thought that are coming to your mind and making you think negative. Just write down non-stop. Do not think what if someone will read. It will surely lighten your mood.

Get enough sleep. It will maintain the level of serotonin. Follow the old adage—“early to bed and early to rise”.

Never eat any supplement without consulting your doctor.

Meet a counsellor and share your problems and thought to him/her. Sharing your problem with a person who can understand you and give a proper solution will make you satisfied.

If some kind of treatment or therapy is prescribed, follow it strictly. Do not perceive it in wrong way. This treatment will help you in leaving your life back to the normal.

Boil 250 ml of water and add 15 gm of rose petals in it. Drink it. Replace this drink with tea and coffee. It will help in treating the problem.

Cashew nuts rich in vitamin B especially thiamine is a good remedy for mild depression. It stimulates the appetite. The riboflavin present in it, keeps the body active, jovial and vigorous.

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