Home Remedies for Burns

Home Remedies for Burns

Burns could be major or minor. Experts talks about three degrees of burns. First degree burn is when the outer layer of skin called epidermis gets affected. It cause pain and can be treated at home.

Second degree burn is when epidermis and dermis get damaged and cause blistering. It can also be treated at home if the burn is not large, deep and at face, hand, feet or genitals.

Third degree burn is serious one and needs immediate medical treatment. It damages inner and outer layer of skin including hair, nerves, blood vessels, glands, fat, muscle and even bone.

Here are given some home remedies for burns to treat them at home:–

Honey is said to effectively cleaning the wound by drawing out the fluids from the tissues. Applied honey directly to the wound may stick with the wound. Apply a dollop of honey to a gauze bandage and place it comfortably on the wound affected area. This honey bandage can be changed four times a day. It will help in fast healing.

After healing the burn itches. To avoid such itching try it. Take one cup of raw oatmeal and put it into lukewarm bathtub. Let it soak in the water for near about 20 minutes. Take bath with it keeping in mind oatmeal makes surface slippery.

Use salt water by rinsing the mouth with it. Mix half teaspoon of salt in one glass of warm water and rinse mouth with it after an hour or so.

Tea bags can be useful in healing burn. Put two-three tea bags in cool water and use this liquid on the burned place.

Prepare a solution. Take three or four tea bags, two cups of fresh mint leaves and four cup of boil water. Mix it well and allow it to cool. After cooling, put it into a jar and use it on burn site with the help of cotton ball or clean cotton cloth as and when needed.

The antiseptic properties of vinegar help in treating and healing the burn. Take vinegar and water in equal proportion and clean the burned place with the help of cotton ball.

Use ice instead of cold water to treat the tongue burn. Tongue burn mostly occur sipping hot soup, tea or chocolate. Rinse the ice cube with water before taking it to avoid sticking in the tongue or lips.

Use milk to soothe a burn. To treat a minor burn, rinse the burned area with milk or soak a cloth in the milk and apply it on affected area. Repeat it after a regular interval of few hours. Wash the cloth after every use to avoid any infection.

Cool water is best to treat the burn. Do it as quickly as possible after getting a burn.


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