Home Remedies for Cholesterol

Home Remedies for Cholesterol

Cholesterol is one of the most important components of human body. Two types of cholesterol i.e. low-density lipoproteins and high-density lipoproteins are present. LDL is bad cholesterol while HDL is good one. Bad one leads to blockage of blood flow and hence leads to many serious disorders such as failure of liver, kidney, heart brain and genitals. HDL helps in carrying the unused cholesterol back to the liver.

Any increase in the level of cholesterol should never be ignored as it directly affects the heart. Here are given some home remedies to cure high level of cholesterol:–

Garlic is a must add ingredient to the diet. Studies have proved that garlic may not help in reducing LDL but it helps greatly in raising the level of HDL and hence increases the amount of HDL and decreases the fat present in the blood.

Regular intake of almond for continuous three weeks can actually decrease the level of LDL by ten per cent.

Excess fat and cholesterol can also be removed from the body by having one glass of honey water in the morning. Add one teaspoon of honey in one cup of hot water and have it every day. Lime juice or vinegar can also be added to make drink more powerful against cholesterol.

Eat half cup of oatmeal everyday to reduce level of cholesterol by nine per cent.

Rice especially brown rice, rich in fiber helps much in lowering the level of cholesterol.

Soy proteins when taken 25 to 50 grams for a continuous one month can reduce 20 per cent of the LDL. It also improves the ability of the arteries to dilate i.e. they can expand to allow the passage of fats without any obstruction.

The consumption of walnut at least four times a week can lower LDL by 16 per cent. Researches have proved that people relying more on nuts on a regular basis actually reduces the risk of getting heart problem than those who do not consume.

Fruits such as apples and carrots rich in pectin help in lowering down the level of cholesterol. Beets prevent the production of LDL. Pears, a highly soluble fiber helps in regulating the level of cholesterol.

Olive oil raises the level of HDL and prevents from the formation of blood clotting.

Yoghurt reduces the level of LDL by at least three per cent. Turmeric helps in lowering down the blood cholesterol.

Onion helps in blood purification and circulation and also regulating the function of heart. It has a wonderful effect in reducing the high level of cholesterol.

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