Home Remedies for cough infants

Home Remedies for cough in infants

It is difficult for parents to see their baby coughing. It disrupts their daily life, preventing them from taking sound sleep, eating properly or playing. Many of the researches have proved that use of any kind of cold medicine on child below four years is not good for their overall health.

Time and rest are the best cures for cough. Here are given some time-tested and pediatrician approved home remedies:–

Steam inhalation is of much help for infants. It thin out congestion. Fill the bathroom with hot and steamy air and take your baby there. Experts say staying in steam filled room for about 15 minutes do the work. It can be repeated twice a day until the condition of the baby improves.

Moist air helps in clearing the congestion. For adding moisture in baby’s room, run a cool-mist humidifier.

Adding few drops of eucalyptus or pine oil to the vaporizer to the baby’s bath helps in relieving from cough.

Keep feeding liquids frequently to the baby and make sure baby is having its normal amount of food. Fluids help in soothing the throat of bay and thin out congestion. Too much of water is also not good for baby.

Breastfeeding is the most useful and important for the baby fighting against the cough and cold.

Warm liquids, soup, tea, apple juice are prescribed for children above the age of six months. But do consult your doctor before it.

Ask experts if you can feed juice too.

Place the rolled up towel between the mattress and crib springs to give baby a slightly inclined position. Holding the baby upright against the shoulders also relieves her in cough especially when she snoozes.

Do not allow people to smoke near her, in the room or near windows and doors. Also, stop using perfumes, sprays and things which could worsen the infant’s cough.

Dress the baby in most comfortable clothes. It should be light in weight. It will prevent the baby to feel hot and sweaty while coughing.

Do not disturb baby when she is sleeping.

Prepare saline drops at home. Mix half teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of warm water. Put two drops of saline drops in each nostril. Never store the solution for more than 24 hours. Bacteria can grow in the solution.

For children above 12 months, honey can be useful. It soothes the throat and helps in curing cough. Mix half teaspoon of honey in hot water and squeeze few drops of lemon juice it to.

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