Home Remedies for Fever

Home Remedies for Fever

During fever body heats up. It is said to be good and seen as an attempt of our human body to fight against the bacteria which invades in our body and try to harm us. The heat kills them. It is not a disease rather a symptom of any infection caused by bacteria or virus.

Here are given some expert suggested home remedies to treat fever:–

Boil basil leaves with water and have it once a day. It is the most simple and effective home remedy to cure common fever.

Saffron has also its contribution in treating fever. Put half teaspoon of saffron in 30ml of boiled water. Use this water for preparing tea. It can be served 5-6 times a day.

Prepare tea of the cream of tartar. Mix one and half teaspoon of cream of tartar with half teaspoon of lemon juice, two and half cup of warm water and half teaspoon of honey. Drink it.

Boil one cup water and add one teaspoon of turmeric powder, few pieces of ginger and onion, lemon grass, half teaspoon of black pepper and 5-6 leaves of basil. Intake of this solution thrice a day can serve the purpose.

Try pineapple. The anti-inflammatory agents present in pineapple helps in fighting fever and also keeps your body hydrate.

Boil the raisins with water. Add ¾ cup of chopped raisin in 7 ½ cup of water. Let it reduce to one-third. Drink this solution to keep your body hydrate.

Make the surrounding comfortable.

Dress yourself in the most comfortable gown or pyjamas. Also wear socks.

Put an ice pack on the forehead to temporarily reduce the heat. Soak the cloth in bowl of cold water, rinse the excess water and place it on forehead. Keep changing the cloth.

Apply the warm cloth to the feet, neck and legs.

Take shower not too hold not too cold. Lukewarm water is advised to be good during fever.

If fever is not exceeding greater than 102 degrees then let fever run its course. The heat helps in fighting against the bacteria and virus and help in eliminating toxins.

Grapefruit helps in reducing the inflammation and burning sensation. Mix half a glass of grapefruit with half a glass of water and have it. It is good in all fevers.

Orange promotes the body resistance against foreign invaders and provides energy. It also helps in digestion when body is lacking at some point in doing so.

Opt for foods which can easily be digested such as boiled or steamed vegetables, soups, fruit juices and such others.

Khichdi is considered to be best when your digestive system is weak. Add cumin seeds, coriander, turmeric, ginger and salt to make it very simple.

Abstain from fleshy and greasy foods.


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