Home remedies for gas

Home remedies for gas

Gas is the byproduct of indigestion which occurs when the food was not digested in the small intestine and bacteria in the large intestine ferment the food. It is not an illness rather symptom to many diseases which is being seldom discussed by people.

Fortunately, there are effective home remedies which when followed strictly can produce better results. Here are given few home remedies for gas:–

Prepare a solution. Mix half teaspoon of dry ginger, asafetida in little amount and a pinch of rock salt in a cup of warm water. Drink it and get relief.

Brandy can be useful. Add two tablespoon of brandy in a cup of warm water. Prefer drinking it during bedtime.

Cut the ginger in slices. Dip them in lime juice and chew them after the meals. It has long-lasting effect.

Mix a drop of dill oil in one teaspoon of honey and take it immediately after the meal.

Take powdery one teaspoon of pepper, one teaspoon of dry ginger and one teaspoon of green cardamom seeds. Mix them well and take out half teaspoon from the mixture and add to a cup of water after an hour after the meal.

Garlic soup is best in reducing the gas and helps in proper digestion. Grind garlic and boil it with water. Black pepper and cumin can also be added.

Cold milk is considered best for curing gas. Drink cold milk slowly to soothe the stomach.

Chewing mint leaves can also provide quick relief from gas. It can also be taken in drinking form. Boil the mint leaves in water and make a tea out of it.

Ginger is good herbal remedy in any form. Boil chopped ginger in water and prepare tea out of it.

The bergpuma seeds are said to reduce gas. Boil it with water and drink it or chew them.

Boil cinnamon in water and make tea out of it. It will have soothing effect.

Caraway seeds are of much help. Take one teaspoon of caraway seeds and put it into a cup of hot water. Cover it and let it set for 10 minutes. Filter it out and drink the liquid after meals. Repeat it thrice a day for effective result.

Adding a pinch of asafetida as a cooking ingredient often produces better results.

Banana is also helpful in better digestion. It reduces gas in the stomach.

Drink soda pop if you feeling some gas after having your meal. It will help you to burp and hence reduces gas.

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