Knee Pain Home Remedies

Knee Pain Home Remedies

Knee, the highest load bearing joints of our body has great role in our everyday life. It gives unbearable pain. We realize it once we go through after a long and hectic day of hard work. A number of factors add to the symptoms of knee pain such as arthritis, excessive usage of the knee joint and even back pain.

To keep them healthy follow some home remedies:–

Don’t be overweight. Being overweight, create tension on the joints especially on knees. Opt for low fat and low calorie foods. Do exercise regularly and stay slim and trim.

Do not compromise when you are selecting your shoes. Go with most comfortable footwear rather than best-looking one. Even you can customize your footwear too from a podiatrist, orthopaedist or sports-medicine specialists.

Avoid high heel footwear. It strains the leg muscles. Opt for walking shoes for walking, running shoes for running. Wearing right footwear on right occasion does not create any strain and avoid knee pain.

Replace the shoes once they are worn out.

Use a foam cushion when u kneels or doing works such as gardening, washing a floor or such other activities that requires kneeling.

Knee bends sometimes make us feel like great fitness boosters but they create too much tension on the knees. Avoid lifting too much weight.

Steam baths reduces the knee pain by reducing inflammation and improves the blood circulation. Ice massaging is equally effective in reducing the knee pain.

Herbs such as dried ginger, wintergreen, devil’s claw, cat’s claw are much effective in reducing the knee pain.

Apply the paste of castor, wheat, turmeric and goat’s milk or clarified butter in and around the knees and get immediate relief.

A simple light massage with coconut oil, mustard oil or olive oil is also effective to get relief. Repeat it thrice a day to get adequate relief.

Yoga exercises or physiotherapy exercises help in reducing knee pain. It has long lasting effect.

Soak fenugreek seeds in the mustard seed oil. Apply it on knee. Let it dry for some time. It warms up the knees and help in increasing the flow of blood.

Include vitamin D, E and B3, cod liver oil, peanuts and flaxseed oils in the diet.

Keep hydrate your body to keep your muscles soft and maintain its elasticity.

Use a hot compress around the knee for near about 15 minutes to cure knee pain.

Ice packs are great pain reliever. It helps in reducing the inflammation and relieves.

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