Mouth ulcer Home Remedies

Mouth ulcer Home Remedies


Feeling the pain and burning sensation in the mouth while eating and drinking. Be careful. It could be mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers are also known as canker sores. It generally occurs in clusters in the mouth and marks its presence for near about ten days.


Try some home remedy for mouth ulcer for treating it. Following are given the remedies:–


Chewing holy basil leaves i.e. tulsi twice a day can cure the problem along with preventing bad smell.


Gargle with cold and hot water alternatively.


Gargling with sesame oil is said to cure the mouth ulcer.


Boil one glass of water with 10 leaves of guava tree. After filtering, use this water for gargling. However, chewing guava leaves can also solve the problem up to many extents.


Boil the leaves of Indian plum i.e. jambula with water and use it to gargle.


Eat lots of salad especially raw onion as the sulphur is effective in treating mouth ulcer.


Have a glass of juice of orange juice twice in a day. The vitamin C present in orange helps in treating mouth ulcer. You can take vitamic C tablets also.


Include butter milk yoghurt and cottage cheese in the diet.


Avoid spicy food especially meat during it.


Avoid chips and bread as its sharp edges can hurt the mouth ulcers. Also, refrain from chewing gum and tobacco.


Apply peppermint oil to the ulcers to reduce the irritation and pain.


Massage the ulcers gently with honey and coconut milk for better results. Do this at least thrice a day.


Eat banana and curd everyday in morning till the ulcers heals completely.


Eating raw tomato is said to good for treating mouth ulcer. Eat it regularly.


Make a paste of turmeric and glycerine and apply it on the affected area. Turmeric has the healing property which will surely help in treating mouth ulcers.


Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with few drops of water and apply it.


Sip herbal tea after the meals.


Replace the toothpaste containing fluoride with toothpaste containing sodium bicarbonate.


Change the toothbrush after regular interval of time.


Boil the water with fenugreek leaves and gargle thrice a day with it.


Mix seven parts of mishri (sugar) and one part of camphor. Apply it on ulcer.

For temporarily eliminating the problem, try ENO. Keep it in mouth for some time.


Dry the skin of lemon. Crush it and apply directly to the sores. It will immediately treat the ulcer.

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