Pigmentation on Face Home Remedies

Pigmentation on face home remedies

Skin pigmentation manifests light and dark patches on the skin. Face is its main target. It occurs mainly due to exposure to sun. It is necessary to cure the first sign of skin pigmentation. Once ignored can become sign of embarrassment and will become difficult too to remove it completely.


Following are given some home remedies to cure skin pigmentation.


Protect your skin from UV rays by carrying umbrella, covering the face and applying cream having sun protecting factors. Try to avoid facing sun rays between 12pm to 3pm.


Always apply sunscreen lotion before going out in daytime.


Apply the gel of aloe vera on the affected part.


Soak the almonds in milk and leave it overnight. After grinding apply it on face and see lightening of patches.


Squeeze out the juice of cucumber and apply it on patches and feel the difference.


Mix a tablespoon of milk powder, honey, juice and almond oil. Apply it on face for 20 minutes and wash it.


Make a paste of orange peel powder and milk and apply it on face. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water.


Try mashed strawberries on the patches to get the desired result.


Mix lemon and cucumber juice and apply it on patches. It acts as natural bleach.


Mix the pulp of guava and banana and apply it. Doing this can remove all kinds of patches and pigmentation.


Vinegar is very effective in lightening the patches and pigmentation. It will not only control the patches but also reduce its severity.


Avocadoes rich in fatty acids, vitamin C and oleic acid have great benefit in lightening the patches and rejuvenating the skin.


The antioxidant properties of cocoa butter help in soothing and healing the skin. Deeply massage the skin with cocoa butter and cure the worsened pigmentation also. It increases the blood circulation and deeply nourishes the skin.


Apply the mixture of castor oil and vitamin E. It will make the skin soft and smooth. It helps in reviving the glory of skin.


Grind ajwain (thymol seeds) and mix it with curd. Apply this mixture on the affected area and treat the patches.


Apply glycerine and lemon juice every day. It will surely help in treating skin pigmentation and keep you looking good.


Soak lentils in the water overnight. Make a paste by adding milk. Apply it on the affected areas and wash it after half an hour. It will have long lasting effect.


Add honey and onion juice and apply it on face to have better results.


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