Stomach Ulcer Home Remedies

Stomach Ulcer Home Remedies

Stomach ulcer is an open sore on the surface of organ or tissue. The most common target areas of stomach ulcer are esophagus, stomach and duodenum. The bacteria and stomach acid irritates the sensitive lining causing ulcers to form.

Got diagnosed with ulcer now or living with it for years, there is always a solution to cure them. Try home remedies for have relief:–

Keep a check on daily diet plan. The main culprits of stomach ulcer are spicy and fried foods. It can aggravate the condition.

Watch out the diet. Elimination of spicy and fried foods will let you know about the specific foods that cause ulcer symptoms to appear. Try eliminating these foods and have a healthy diet.

Have smaller meals frequently. Do not eat everything at once. Overeating causes formation of more gastric juices and also weight gain. Rely on healthy meals to keep the body healthy.

Unrefined and high-fiber plants are highly beneficial for people having stomach ulcer. Increase the intake of high-fiber foods such as spinach, cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts. Highly processed grains such as white flour shields the digestive lining from stomach acid and decreases the fiber and protein of the body.

Milk was supposed to neutralize the stomach acid. But scientists have come up with the fact that foods rich in calcium increases stomach acid while foods rich in calcium increases stomach acid. Therefore, protein part of the milk may favour while calcium part may worsen it.

Consumption of alcohol is said to have bad effect on those who have stomach ulcer. Those who consume it heavily are at greater risk of developing ulcer than those who abstain from it.

Stop smoking. Smokers tend to develop the ulcer more easily than those who do not smoke. It increases the secretion of stomach-acid and stops the secretion of naturally producing substance prostaglandins and sodium bicarbonate which helps in protecting the stomach lining.

Smoking also decreases the circulation of blood.

Practice yoga, exercise or meditate which helps in relaxing the mind and body by letting go off the stress. It is an antidote for stress.

Never have any medicine for curing ulcer without asking your doctor.

Juice of raw cabbage has a remarkable effect in curing ulcer. If taken regularly, the juice can cure the problem within ten days.

Banana is good during ulcer. Combination of milk and banana helps in treating the ulcer as well as nourishes the body.

Mix fenugreek seeds in tea and have it.


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