Throat infection Home Remedies

Throat infection home remedies

Throat infection is the term given to inflammation in throat. It includes sore throat, pharyngitis or tonsillitis. It causes pain and leads to difficulty in breathing. Fever and cough is its counterpart. It often occurs due to change in weather conditions and most commonly it prevails in winters. Other causes are allergy, allergy to dust, pollens and different smells which causes irritation in the throat. Pollution or smoke could also be the major reasons for throat infection.

Here are given few home remedies to cure throat infection:–

Throat infection is a viral infection and is contagious i.e. it passes from one person to another through the channel of sneezing, coughing etc. A person having throat infection should separate towels, handkerchief and many such things.

Gargle—mix some salt in hot water and gargle. It is simplest and easiest remedy to cure throat infection. Do it regularly till it cures.

Ginger is highly beneficial to cure throat infection. Boil the slices of ginger in water. Use this water to prepare tea. It will surely help in soothing the throat.

Soups are also recommended. Chicken soup comes first when we talk about soup. Any warm fluid helps in thinning out the congestion and hence relaxes the person.

Garlic in any form—raw, chopped, mashed, and in cooked food is good for treating throat infection. It fights against the infection.

Holy basil leaves also helps much. Boil the leaves in water and use it for drinking or gargle with it.

The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric help in fighting against the throat infection. Add turmeric powder to warm milk and drink it before going to sleep. It provides soothing effect to throat and help in taking sound sleep.

A mixture of honey and ginger juice has found to be helpful in soothing the throat. Have one tablespoon of it every day.

Bland food is easier to swallow during throat infection. Prefer it over spicy food.

Try to avoid cold food rather prefer hot one. Avoid taking greasy and fried foods. Avoid smoking and cut down the intake of caffeine. Drink plenty of water.

The analgesic properties of chamomile tea help in curing throat infections. Few drops of lemon juice can also be added to compensate the intake of vitamin C in the body.

Peppermint, lavender, jasmine and thyme are considered to be good ointments to cure the cold.

Sage helps in reducing the inflammation. Boil sage in water and have it thrice a day to sooth the throat.


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