weight loss tips for women

Weight loss tips for women

Your favorite little black dress has not fitted well? Is excess weight you put recently coming in your way? Then it is high time to pay attention towards it.

Weight loss is not an overnight phenomenon. No exercise or diet can help in reducing weight overnight. You can’t reduce yourself one night before your special day. It needs lots of patience and strong will power to achieve the target.

Here are given some tips for weight loss for women:–

Start the day with a glass of cool and pure water. It releases all the digestive juices and help in better functioning of metabolism.

Drink plenty of water. Drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water in a day. It helps in flushing out the toxin and makes the body fit and healthy. And it is free from calories.

Drink one glass of water before each meal.

Eat intelligently. Don’t stop eating instead add healthy foods to the diet. Never skip meals especially breakfast. There is a famous saying–“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” Treat your body right.

Add some physical activities in your daily life. If you love dancing, dance. If you love playing, play. If you love morning walks, go for it. Play with your dog. Use stairs instead of lift.

Add deep-red cherries, juicy grapes, snow peas, green vegetables and fresh fruits to the diet. Keep an eye on the intake of calories per day. Say no to high calorie foods. Avoid garnish your pizza too much with cheese. Opt for low fat ice-cream and toppers.

Prefer fruits over juice. Fruits are rich in fiber while juices are packed with sugar and added preservatives.

Do not punish yourself by keeping you away from your favorite food. Have your small treat once in a week. Watch the quantity. Share your meal with partner, friends or neighbors.

Take enough sleep. Better sleep habit is essential for planned losing weight.

Tune up your favorite music and let yourself go. It tones up the muscles and very good exercise for the body.

Opt for small plates or dinnerware. Dinner served in the smaller plates will make you feel you have enough food. Also, opt for baby spoons for having ice-cream.

Tomatoes and watermelons contain 90 to 95 per cent of water. Add them in diet in order to lose weight.

Avoid sweetened bottled drinks such as soda, colas and fizzy drinks. It has lots of calories.

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