Ayurvedic Hair Care Products From Ramdev

Hair Care Products from Baba Ramdev


We all know how important the hair is. Healthy luscious hair suggests that we are eating the right things and maintaining a good lifestyle. In a way therefore hair mirrors who you are and what you eat.

Baba Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy also produces some hair care treatments that help reduce hair fall and accelerate hair growth.

Divya Kesh Taila: This hair oil has been known to cure various hair ailments. It makes the hair stronger and reduces hair fall significantly. That apart is also gives your hair a perfect shine and makes it look lustrous. Like all of Baba Ramdev’s medicines, this is also made from hundred percent natural herbs and minerals and hence there is no risk of any side effects.

Divya Kesh Taila is also used by many students as a massaging product to improve their memory power and help them concentrate better. It is believed that this medicine also helps children with mental disabilities. It supplies their brains with the required nourishment and helps improve their academic performance.

Apart from regular problems like hair fall, growing baldness, hair itching, premature greying, dandruff, this medicine is also used by patients of insomnia. Insomnia or loss of sleep results from extreme tension and anxiety, not eating well or just old age. Divya Kesh Taila is said to effectively cure insomnia and bring sleep to many tired eyes. Because of its Ayurvedic properties, this can also be used as a balm for mental exhaustion.

Mode of use: Apply it on the roots and massage well.

Divya Kesh Kanti Herbal Hair Shampoo: Only prepared in Baba Ramdev’s Divya Paharmacy this shampoo makes your hair lustrous and shining. People with extreme dandruff problems can also use this since it is also effective in removing dandruffs.

Contrary to popular belief using this shampoo regularly will not make your hair thin and weak and this medicine is suitable for all hair types. There are a plethora of shampoos and hair oils available in the market that claim to remove dandruff and make the hair smooth, however they contain a lot of chemicals and artificial products which may cause permanent damage to the hair. Baba Ramdev’s Divya Kesh Kanti is made from natural ingredients and hence there is not the slightest chance of it damaging your hair follicles. The varios herbs used in making this shampoo are Reetha, Amla, Tagar, Bakuchi, Neem, Shikakai, Giloy, Henna, Aloe vera, Amahaldi, haldi and bhringraj.

Divya Kesh Kanti also helps in the prevention of lice and ticks in your hair. Scalp diseases like eczema and psoriasis are also effectively cured by using this shampoo. The Ayurvedic property in this shampoo also helps fasten hair growth.

Mode of use: Wet your hair, apply 3-5 ml of Divya Kesh Kanti and massage your scalp and hair roots gently for about 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

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