Udgeeth Pranayam

Udgeeth Pranayam

Also known as the ‘Omkari Japa’, this requires one to inhale and exhale slowly while chanting ‘Om’. According to Hindu philosophy, Om is the all encompassing chant that takes man closest to God. It is believed that the entire universe and creation was set in motion by this chant. Pronounced as ‘Aum’, it is also known Pranava which means that it sustains life as it runs through our breath. Udgeetha refers to singing in a high pitched voice. Therefore Udgeetha Pranayam together refers to controlled breathing while chanting Om. While chanting Om, the O should be 3 times longer that the m.

The procedure, as is the case with all Pranayama is simple and easily doable at home. The breathing should be long and calm. First inhale slowly and then chant Om slowly while exhaling. While you may initially start with your normal breathing frequency, the aim should be to prolong the inhale and exhale process so that each breath lasts a minute. Visualize fresh air going in and out of your body while breathing. Initially you may not see the difference between this and normal breathing, however as time passes and you start practicing this Pranayama with more precision you will sense fresh air entering your entire system and your body being purified every time you chant Om.

It should be done for minimum three minutes at a stretch and one can keep going till his tired. This Udgeeth Pranayama is highly beneficial for those battling with insomnia, irregular sleep or those being constantly haunted by bad dreams. It helps the brain concentrate in one particular thing and helps facilitate peaceful sleep.

One can also chant the Gayatri Mantra while performing this Udgeeth Pranayama. The best time for this is either before bed so you have a peaceful sleep or early in the morning so that the day starts with a lot of positive energy and under the divine cosmic guidance.

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