Baba Ramdev Yoga for Eyes

Baba Ramdev Yoga for the eyes


Poor eyesight is a rampant problem amongst people of all age groups. It could be a hereditary problem or could be a result of watching too much TV, straining your eyes too much by reading for long hours in dim light or it could also be hereditary.

Yoga offers several exercises that soothe the eyes, help make eyesight better or prevent your eyesight from getting poorer. If practiced with due diligence this could help you get rid of that spectacle that you have been confined to for years.

To start here are some very effective exercise from Ramdev Baba for your eyes.

  • Move your eyes upwards and downwards as far as you can and as long as you can. Repeat up to four times. Blink swiftly at regular intervals so that your eyes do not get too strained.
  • Keep two points on your left and your right (you could use your fingers for this). Now move your eyes, just your eyes, on either side and do not strain your eyes too much.
  • Pick a point on your right which you can spot comfortably when you look up with your right eye and pick a point that you can see comfortably when you look downwards with your left eye. Now sit with your spine straight and hands on your knees and do not move. Now first look upwards with your right eye to the point that you have fixed and then to the left. Repeat this for four times and then relax. Blink occasionally so that your eyes does not get too strained.
  • Roll your eyes clockwise and then anti-clockwise following these processes; first lower your eyes and look towards the floor then slowly look towards the left and then higher towards the ceiling. Now circle towards the right and take your eyes lower until you see the floor again. This completes the circle. Repeat the same thing in the opposite direction.
  • Next is the changing vision exercise. What you have to do is take a pencil and hold it right under the tip of your nose. Now take the pencil as far away as possible but make sure that you see the tip of the pencil clearly. Next look farther and locate a point in the distance that you can see clearly. Now take turns to look at the tip of the pencil and the point you located at a distance. Repeat this several times.
  • Shut your eyes tightly for as long as you can and then open them. Keep repeating this for about 4-5 times without taking a break. This is highly effective for people who work on the computers for hours at a stretch.
  • Washing your eyes with fresh water every 30 minutes is also a very effective way to soothe your eyes and walk on green grass daily to help make your eyesight better.
  • Another good exercise is to place the palm of your hand on top of your closed eyes and rub them for about a minute.
  • Try and keep your eyeballs in the middle of your eyebrow and hold it there for some time, then look downwards.
  • Rotate your eyes slowly while keeping your head still. This if done regularly can be very effective
  • Palming is also very effective for the eyes. Rub the palms of your hand together to generate heat and then place them above your eye sockets.

Other than the above there are several yoga poses like                 the corpse pose, mountain, tree, headstand and cobra pose that are very beneficial for the eyes. Rolling your neck also helps generate proper blood flow to the optic nerves and also relaxes you, hence making your eyesight better.

Another very powerful exercise for the eyes is trataka which is also a very ancient form of meditation and is also mentioned in the Upanishads. This is practiced by staring at a burning candle paced about three feet in front of you for as long as possible and then close your eyes and visualize the burning flame with your eyes closed. This helps you gain better focus.

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