Benefits of Power Yoga

Benefits of Power Yoga

Everyday there are scores of people who are adopting power Yoga as a form of lifestyle and as an alternate way to fitness and healthy living. This phenomenal acceptance is not possible without benefits. Yoga and power Yoga have benefitted people and helped them come out of problems and ailments that even medical science may sometimes have given up on. Power Yoga too comes with its wide set of benefits.


Power Yoga can be taken up by anyone who is interested in exercising and has an inherent need to stay fit. You should practice this early in the morning on an empty stomach. Firstly pick a good quiet place like a roof top or a garden. Wear comfortable clothes that can absorb sweat. Focus on each pose with full concentration. Practice it three times a week for about 45 minutes each time. Do not exert yourself and do not push you body to complete lethargy.


Like all forms of Yoga, Power Yoga also comes with great benefits. Since it involves strenuous exercises, it removes toxins from the body as the body sweats. Helps get rid of excess body fats and also helps in dealing with illnesses like asthma, sinus, insomnia, cancer and bronchitis. Disorders like hypertension and menstrual imbalances are also checked by power yoga. As our muscles are stretched, pulled and hence reactivated our stamina and flexibility increases a great deal. Also helps us to concentrate on things with a lot more focus.


Most people in the entertainment industry adopt power yoga for a fit and toned body. Dieting may increase your weight but it will make you look lethargic and weak. Power Yoga helps you release the extra fats in your body in a healthy manner. The exercises also help tone your muscles, thereby giving you a figure that will be a reason for envy amongst many.


Despite its very many differences power yoga still draws a great deal from the classical form of Yoga. Like the latter power yoga also brings together the forces of the body, mind and spirit and makes us experience a sense of spirituality and individual consciousness much above the normal. Through this we recognize the physical power, which is the natural strength of our body, the mental power, which is how much willpower ad restrain we can show when required, and the spiritual power which drives the mental and the physical power.


It is through Power yoga that a person can clean the mind and elevate us as humans to plane much higher than what we are normally at. It makes us appreciate life and encourages us to always look at ts positive side.

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