Ramdev Yoga for Back Pain

Ramdev Baba’s Yoga for Back Pain

Sitting for long hours before the computer, lifting heavy weights for too long, bad posture can lead to back ailments. All of us today are so consumed by our work and our rapid lifestyles that we do not stop to think of what we are doing and how it is harming our body. That is the reason why, even before we reach old age we suffer from problems that people of our age should not be facing at all. This is precisely why yoga and Ayurveda are becoming an alternative lifestyle. That’s the reason why health and fitness clubs are mushrooming in the cities. Slowly, yet steadily people are beginning to understand the need to stay fit and to adopt a fit lifestyle.

Baba Ramdev has several yoga exercises and routines that will help people counter the problem of back ache. Back pain especially in the lower region is something that people today face a lot. The muscles in our back are always working. Even when we are sitting these muscles prevent us from toppling over the seat. Hence if not exercised well they can be very strained resulting in acute back pain. The lower back takes most of our weight and hence strains the most. Most back pains are a result of the muscles and ligaments of the back being strained too much; however it could also be caused by wear and tear and some physical harm to the bones, the spinal nerves or the discs that keeps the spine intact.

Tadasana is one very effective asana for the back. It is also known as the mountain pose and is the basic pose for all other vertical yoga poses. While standing up is a natural thing to do, how you stand, what posture you are in makes a lot of difference and this pose is all about that. The best thing about this pose is that you can practice this wherever you maybe; at the market, at work, in the kitchen or at a park. The main premise of this asana is to centre your standing position.

The right way of doing it is to stand with your feet hip-apart and your arms at the side. You weight should be uniformly balanced between your left and right foot as well as your toes and your heels. Now, as you inhale pull your stomach muscles inwards and up. Now pull your shoulders down and your chin as well so that the neck is longer. You should feel like your feet are rooted to the earth and your head is being pulled upwards. Take several deep breaths while in this position.

Tadasana is highly beneficial in improving your posture. It also makes your back and abdominal muscles stronger.

Baba Ramdev’s techniques are said to be highly beneficial for yoga. There are many DIV’s in the market that can help you with getting rid of that problematic back.

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  1. kamal says:

    i am suffering lower back pain, baba what i should do for it. i am suffering from back pain from last 3 years

  2. rai says:

    hi i am mr rai fm uk i have back pain at list 1 year can you tel me which yoga i need to do thaxs.

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