Ramdev Yoga for Diabetes and Medicines Tips

Specific Yoga postures for diabetes

Diabetes is yet another very common disease faced by people today. Contrary to popular belief this disease can hit anyone irrespective of age and is also passed down as a hereditary disease. If it gets too contagious, diabetes can also end a life. Diabetes is a condition where the body does not produce as much insulin as required and even if it does, fails to put it to proper use. Common causes of this problem are obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and genetic problems.


Diabetes can be either pancreatic or it can be gestational and the symptoms of diabetes are excessive urination, being thirsty too often or even excessive hunger can be a potent symptom. Pancreatic diabetes is when no insulin is produced in the body and this disease is too crucial to be treated by yoga. However gestational diabetes is something that is caused by lifestyle and stress and hence yoga comes as a great way to counter this disease.


There is hardly a disease or a problem that cannot be cured by Ramdev Baba’s yoga techniques. Some of his poses and asanas that help to control diabetes are sun salutation or the suryanamaskar. This helps in increasing the flow of blood to the various parts of the body and also making the insulin work better for the well-being of the body.


Several asanas like dhanurasana, ardhamatsyendrasana, sarvangasana, halasana, vjarasana, pavanmuktasanaetc are extremely helpful in the control of diabetes. The basis of practicing asanas is to sit in one comfortable position and be stable. Once this is achieved there are various stretches and twists that are performed. These stretches and twists helps in the stretching of the organs and this in turn helps to inject fresh blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. These asanas also have very positive effect on the pancreas and working of insulin.

Similarly there are also many pranayamas advocated by Ramdev Baba for diabetic patients. Pranayamas like the nadhisodhana, bhramari and bhasrika pranayama are very effective for controlling diabetes.

There are however, certain dos and don’ts for diabetic patients practicing yoga:

  • First of all the patient must understand that his efforts will only be helpful if they are holistic, he has to maintain a healthy life physically, emotionally and mentally both at home and at work
  • Do not overdo it. Start with simple steps and let your body get used to the routine before you start with the more strenuous ones.
  • Monitor your glucose levels constantly and consult with your physician throughout the process.
  • Drink enough glucid liquids before your daily routine. However do not do it after meals
  • Give each exercise enough time. It is important that you stretch all the required organs and press your abdomens without causing too much stress.
  • Try and stretch the time for which you hold a certain posture with every passing day.
  • Make sure your diet it right. Avoid simple sugars like honey, white sugar, glucose and eat more of wheat, brown rice, oatmeal, corn and beans.

Baba Ramdev’s medicine for diabetes:Divya Madhunashini Vati, produced by Baba Ramdev’s Divya pharmacy is the most recommended herbal potion recommended for diabetic patients. Many people who have given up hope after trying allopathic medicines have turned to this herbal medicine to find the solution to their problem.

Madhunashinivati is hundred percent natural and has no side effects. It helps in effective controlling the blood sugar levels in the body and also pushes the pancreas to produce as much insulin as required for breaking down the carbohydrates and thereby fostering better metabolism. This herbal medicine breaks down the glucose that we take to glycogen, which is then stored away in the muscles for future use. This also guards the body against any other infection that could result from the increased blood sugar level in the body.

DivyaMadhunashiniVati has various other benefits as well. It helps control the excessive thirst that is a result of increased blood sugar level. It helps in strengthening the immune system, maintaining body weight and also in keeping you active. It also checks your cholesterol levels and hence ensures proper functioning of the heart.

Diabetes makes your body prone to various kinds of deficiencies and illnesses. All these can be suitably controlled by DivyaMadhunashiniVati. Complications like damage to the vision, kidney diseases and skin ailments can be avoided if this medicine is taken regularly.

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