Ramdev Yoga for Height

Ramdev Baba’s Yoga for height

How many times have you walked into a jeans store, picked up a good pair and realized that you will have to cut off almost half of it because you are too short? I am sure there are also times when many of us have envied that tall man or a woman and wished we had his genes. Well, Ramdev Baba has made it possible to increase our height without necessarily going through a change of genes. Like in all other facets of life, here too yoga comes in handy.

Most of us also look short because the posture in which we stand, walk or sit is absolutely wrong and they make us look terribly short. There are a variety of yoga exercises that can make your muscles stronger and release tension hence making it possible for you to reach your maximum height.

Sukhasana is one such Ramdev Yoga pose that helps you gain height. When translated sukhasana means easy pose and while it may look easy to practice, it does require significant amount of concentration and devotion. Many of us cannot sit straight for a long time even if we may want to. As time passes we see that posture becomes slouchy, our shoulders slump and we come to hunched position. Many people also have acute pain in their back when they try to keep their spine straight for too long a time. Sukhasana strengthens your muscles so that your posture stays correct for a long time. To practice Sukhasana, sit on a mat with your legs crossed. Place your hands on your knees and press your sit bones against the floor. Keep your spine straight and your head as well.

Now take at least 5 deep breaths and then inhale while taking your arms upwards. Now exhale while bringing your arms down. Repeat this for about 5-6 times.

Trikonasana also helps in increasing height and getting your postures right. This is also known as the triangle and is a little more complicated than the sukhasana. Stand with your legs apart and your feet parallel to each other. Rotate you left foot to 90 degrees to your left and your right leg should turn inward at an approximate angle of 45 degrees. Inhale and lift your arms such that they are parallel to the floor. Exhale and while doing so turn your head to the left facing the length of your left arm. Make sure that your left knee and ankle are in a straight line.

Now take a deep breath and stretch towards your left ankle with your hip also tilted left and downwards. Once you have stretched to the maximum, rotate your arms such that such that your left hand clutches your calf and your right arm is pointed towards the ceiling. Now turn your head upwards towards your right hand and take deep breaths. Now inhale and bring your body up and lower your arms as well. Using your heels as a pivot face forward and repeat the whole process no the right side.

Dog and Cat pose are very effective poses since they have the ability to stretch your spine I two full directions. These stretches help in stretching your spinal column and exercising them adequately so that you are able to reach the full potential of your height.

Begin by going down on the floor with your knees and hands rested against the floor, your head ahead of your shoulder and your knees apart (a hip apart). Inhale deeply and while doing that curve your spine inward such that your belly is towards the ground and your head should be tilted upwards. This is the dog position.

Now gently stretch your body in the reverse order, such that your spine is curved upwards and your head is also facing downwards. This is the cat pose. Repeat the poses several times without exerting yourself.

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