Ramdev Yoga for Pregnant Women

Baba Ramdev’s Yoga for pregnant women

Being pregnant is the most wonderful thing for a woman. To give birth to a young one and be wholly and solely responsible for his life is not just heart wrenching but also an extremely humbling experience.

This is also the time when a woman has to be very careful about her health, lifestyle and diet. Ramdev Baba has valuable tips for women who are pregnant. As per him, to give birth to a healthy baby a pregnant woman requires about 55,000 calories and about a 1000 mg of calcium so as to avoid complications like high blood pressure. The intake of water should go up significantly so that there are no possibilities of them suffering from constipation and nicotine heavy drinks like tea and coffee should be duly avoided.

The diet should mostly contain green vegetables, fruits and a regular glass of hot water with honey should also be very helpful. Dry fruits should be kept aside as snacks since they do a great job of providing adequate proteins.

There are also several yoga exercises from the house of Baba Ramdev that are suitable for pregnant women. Practicing yoga during pregnancy is not just beneficial for the mother but also for the baby in her womb. Yoga helps the mother in finding calm and control over her body while it also enables the healthy growth of the foetus. Common problems during pregnancy like back ache, stress are also dealt with by Yoga. That apart Ramdev Baba also recommends meditation for pregnant women to keep them calm and composed and to also influence the unborn child in the womb with positive energies even before he has made an entry into the world.

For the first trimester of the pregnancy period, standing poses are recommended since these help your legs gain strength so that leg cramps can be avoided and it also facilitates easy circulation of blood.

Once you move to the second semester then the exercises will have to be more simple and easy to practice, since by this time you are well into your pregnancy and your body would have changed considerably (internally and externally). During this time you have to concentrate more on stretching poses however make sure that the abdominal area is not stretched too much. The stretching should focus on shoulders and the upper back.

Some of the most recommended yoga poses for pregnant women by Baba Ramdev and many other yoga experts are as listed below:

Tadasana or the mountain pose: This is a simple standing yoga pose which of practice regularly helps build strength in your legs and also corrects your posture.

Trikonasana or the triangle pose: This is a meditative pose that is practiced towards the end of almost every yoga session.

Shavasana or the corpse pose: This is best suited for relaxing your body muscle by just lying down on your back.

Tree Yoga Pose: This pose concentrates on the calves, ankles and thighs and give them strength.

Standing Side Stretch pose: This is another simple stretching exercise where one vein of energy goes up the belly and out through the arm while the other vein goes down the leg thereby covering almost all body parts.

Virasana or the hero pose: This is one of the basic sitting postures which helps make the ankles stronger and is also very good for improving your posture.

Sage Twist Yoga Pose: This is a more complex form of Yoga but highly benicial to the spine and the abdomens both of which are very important areas of concern and interest for a pregnant woman. However, this pose should only be practiced under the guidance of a trained instructor.

It is highly imperative that you consult your doctor before starting with Yoga. Also, it is advised that pregnant women start practicing only under the guidance of a trained instructor since the body is very sensitive during pregnancy. There will be many exercises and asanas that will help build the strength in your spinal area, the legs and the feet since they come under a lot of stress as you move ahead in your cycle. It is important to focus in these areas. However, one very important thing to remember is that you cannot over exert yourself. In this case the age old maxim ‘Too much of everything is good for nothing’ is very apt.

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  1. asha says:

    am 34 weeks pregnant and the baby is still not turning downwards for a natural birth,if this continues i have to go a ceasarian which i do not want,what yoga will help me?

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