Ramdev yoga for women

Ramdev Baba’s yoga for women

Human body is constantly changing. With age the way we treat our body also has to vary. In comparison to a man, a woman’s body has to endure much more and hence has much more complications as well. Be it related to pregnancy, conceiving a baby or menstruation, a woman’s body is at the receiving end of many complications and also much pain. Ramdev Baba has specific yogas in his books to treat the various problems faced by women at different stages of her life.
There are many women who have difficulty in conceiving a child. This could be as a result of many things. The first step to check this problem is visit a reliable doctor. Both the husband and the wife have to get checked because it is not necessary that the problem is in the women alone.
Polycysitc Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the name given to the disease that leads to many problems for a women like infertility, obesity, heart diseases and diabetes as well. For long this was considered a problem that could not be solved at all unless the couple went for treatments like artificial insemination which also does not guarantee a hundred per cent success rate. Many, from the traditional school of thought also blamed the women for it, when often the women are not aware of it till the time they face the problem. In rural India and unfortunately many urban towns as well, they also concluded that the woman had been cursed and hence tortured and insulted the woman. However, now with more and more research being done in this topic people have finally come to learn that this is not totally incurable. A change in lifestyle and diet routine can help counter the problem.
The one boon that is readily available to women suffering from PCOS, is Yoga. It has been observed that women who practice Yoga are at greater ease with their body, they can balance the stress hormones and it also helps in reducing the production of oxidative stress and controlling blood sugar for women who suffer from diabetes.
Some of the Yoga that should be practiced are twisting poses that helps in reducing the fats in the abdominal area, postures that help in infusing the thyroid gland with fresh blood since it is a vital gland that helps in effective metabolism, hand yogas or mudras that stimulate the different energy systems.
That apart there are also as series of Yoga called fertility yoga that can be practiced by women who have been trying to conceive a child but have been unsuccessful. Women who are already inclined towards yoga will find these yogas similar to the ones that are normally taught and practiced, however the only major difference is that the asanas and poses this yoga advocates are conceptualised in a way that the focus is strictly on the reproductive system. Fertility Yoga helps you maintain a calm balance between your body, mind, spirit and your emotions such that you are at once at ease with your body.
The core focus of fertility yoga is to supply enough oxygen and blood to your reproductive system. It is important though that you check with an expert and consult your doctor as well before starting with Yoga. Also, it is very important that you do not stress yourself too much trying to do too many things. You have to be patient and wait for the results to show. There are various guide books and DVD’s available in the market on Fertility Yoga. Read them and understand the benefits it will provide to your body.

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