Suksham Vayama

Suksham Vayama – Part 1


These are light but effective exercises that helps in keeping the joints and ligaments of the body flexible and disease free. To start with sit in Dhandasan positions, which means that you keep both your feet stretched out and in front. Both your palms should be firmly on the ground on either sides of the waist and your fingers should be pointing backwards. Make sure that your waist and hands are completely stretched out.
Once in this position there are specific set of exercises for each part of your body.

For the toes: Keeping your heels glued to where it is, bend your toes forward and backwards forcefully. Repeat this 8-10 times.

For the heels and leg: Swing your entire feet forward and backward along with your heels. While doing this your heels will rub against the floor and this is very helpful for people suffering from sciatica pain and the knees.

For the feet: Keep both feet at a distance from each other. Now rotate your right foot in a circular motion in a single direction. Do this 5 – 7 times and repeat the same thing for your left foot. Once done, repeat the exercise for both feet together.

For knees and hip: Pick your right leg and place it in your left thigh. Now hold your right feet with your left hand and hold your right knee with your right hand. Now lift your right knee to till it touches your chest. Similarly do it for the other side too. Then once done for both the sides, hold your feet with your hands, touch your knee to the ground and then lift them up.

For your knees and hip you can also do the Titli (Butterfly) Aasan: Bend both your legs at the knee and join your feet together and bring them closer to the joints in your thighs. Move your knees up and down like the wings of the butterfly for about 2 minutes. This exercise helps in melting the fat in your hips and making it more flexible.

For the spine: Hold your left wrist with your right hand and the right wrist with the left hand. Now take it behind the head. Inhale deeply while you pull the left hand towards the right behind your head. Keep your neck and hands very still. Now exhale while taking the hands up. Repeat the procedure in the other direction.

For the fingers: Spread both your hands and keep the shoulders straight. Now fold the joints of your fingers forcefully and then release. After that tight fists enclosing the thumb and release it again. Do this for 10-12 times.

For the arms, cervical spondolytis and shoulder problems: Stretch out both your hands in front of you at the shoulder level. Enclose your fingers in a fist. Now move your fists in circles while keeping your elbows very straight.


Suksham Vayama – Part 2

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