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Suksham Vayama – Part 2

For the elbows: Stretch your arms with your palms upwards. Now touch your shoulders with your palms by bending your elbows. Slowly straighten them. Then stretch your hands towards either side with your palm facing upward. Now bending your elbows touch your shoulders with your palm.

For the stomach and waist: Lock the fingers of your hands such that they are joined together and place them on top of your legs in the front. Now swing your hands in a circular motion from right to left in a way that your waist bends forward and your hands touch the toes in your feet. When your hand reaches the thighs stretch your hips backwards. Your legs should be placed firm and steady. Now repeat the cycle in the opposite direction.

The second exercise for your stomach and waist is to spread your legs such that they are a little open in the front. Both your hands should be at the shoulder level stretched in front. Now with your right hand touch your left toe and rotate your left hand backward in mountain like motion. Also turn your neck towards the left and look backwards. Repeat the same process in the other direction. This exercise and the one described above heal lower back aches and help to get rid of the excess fat in the waist.

For shoulder, heart and cervical problems: Fold both your hands to touch the shoulder and keep your elbow at shoulder level. Now, joining your elbows together make circular motions with folded elbows on both the direction.

The other routine to follow is; close your fingers together and hold them close to your chest in such a way that the lower portions of your fingers are in touch with each other. Now breathe in deeply and stretch out your arms. You hands should still be together. Now breathe out and take your hands towards your chest again. Repeat this for a number of times.

For the neck: Sit straight and neck towards the right such that it touches your right shoulder. Similarly touch the left shoulder. Now, bend forward and touch your chest with your chin. Slowly bend as much backwards as you comfortably can. Then rotate your neck in circular motion in both directions one after the other.

The next exercise is simpler. Hold the right side of your head with your right hand. Now push your hand against the head and vice versa. This will make your neck tremble. Repeat this for 4-5 times and then do the same thing on the other side.

Those done, interlock your hands behind your head. Now push your head against your hands and your hands against your head. This will cause a tremble which will make blood circulation in the neck more effective.

For the eyes: Just move the pupils of your eyes up and down and left and right.
Easy to do, these exercises will add a new found vigor and strength in your body.


Suksham Vayama – Part 1

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