Viniyoga as a term was first used within the realm of Yoga by T. K. V. Desikachar. He believed that Yoga could be tailor made for people depending on his age, health conditions, physical ability and past and present injuries. Rather than adopting a generic model, viniyoga is a more personalized Yoga form that is unique to one person. A viniyoga teacher tackles each student differently since each person has a unique set of problems and reasons for looking to adopt Yoga.

Like all other Yoga classes, a viniyoga class will also comprise of asanas, pranayamas, meditation and chanting, however here what you practice will be unique to yourself. It is mostly a gentle form of Yoga however, if a particular individual is already well acclimatised with the basics and is ready for the more rigorous versions; he will get more difficult viniyoga methods for practice.

Because of its easy adaptability and its individualistic nature viniyoga is also popular in Europe and America. In a world where everyone is dealing with life on his own terms and dealing with unique problems etc it is not surprising to see this personalized form of Yoga gaining precedence swiftly. It starts with making an individual comfortable with the basics of the kind of Yoga that suits him best and then gradually moves to increasing his abilities and making his body more flexible step by step.

Viniyoga is so designed that the odd and dysfunctional patterns in our body is altered and replaced that new patterns and movements that suit our body. Viniyoga stems from a very basic understanding that as we grow we need to cater to the needs of our changing age and our changing body. The exercises we so as a kid will not help us when we are adults and the same will have to be changed as we grow older. In the same way, the way your friend grows and his physical abilities is different from the way you grow and your physical abilities are also different. Viniyoga respects this difference and hence treats everybody as a different entity and not as groups.

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