Yoga Benefits

Benefits of Yoga in Your Life

In an age of instant gratification, instant results and impatience many would wonder how something as time consuming and slow paced as Yoga would find a place in popular culture. Well obviously there is something deeper and more gratifying that people want other than meeting day to day demands or materialistic pleasures. Yoga gives them that.


The benefits of Yoga are innumerable. There is no other form of exercise or medication that gives such a holistic development to the body. No other exercise invigorates the body as much as Yoga does. It heals the body from both mental and physical ailments, widens our perspective and most importantly gives us some much needed time alone to dedicate to our body and to ourselves, something we often forget to do in the rigmarole of daily life.


It is the best stress buster that one can ever think of. Whether it is to put a good end to a bad day or to rid the body of the stress and stigma of a tiring week, yoga does wonders.


Almost all of us complain of aches and pains, for some it is the limb, for some the head and for many it’s the back. Yoga helps to get rid of them all if done regularly. However one has to remember that Yoga is not about instant relief or instant gratification. It is a process, one that should be enjoyed and savoured well since each minute spent in Yoga is a minute well spent.




Sine Yoga fundamentally deals with the art of breathing it teaches how to enjoy each breath and not take it for granted. This slow and steady breathing helps in relaxing the heart rate and makes it more enduring. Hence yoga elevates an action as basic and simple as breathing and gives it therapeutic importance thereby making us more aware that the body has a natural healing system and man has no knowledge of its powers.


The various poses and asanas make your body much more flexible and light. It sheds off unnecessary fats and toxins thereby giving the body more positive energy. Since all the muscles in the body is stretched and pulled it makes the body stronger and strengthens the bones, improves fluid circulation and makes the human body much more powerful.

Most importantly and this is the objective of Yoga, it gives us a sense of calmness and serenity. Yoga takes us to a plane that is much higher and above the normal plane of human life. It makes us look at life in a much more positive light and fuels our system with some much needed energy that is required to continue with the day to day routine of life.


Yoga is not complex science; it is therapeutic but in ways that the human body and mind understands. It is the process of elevating simple experiences and practices like breathing to a level where it will be the most beneficial. It is above all God’s answer to all the calamities, catastrophes and risks that a human life is exposed to in this sometime overbearing century.

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