yoga during pregnancy first second third trimester

Prenatal Yoga for each Trimester

Yoga During Pregnancy First Trimester

Trimester 1: This covers the first three months of your pregnancy. This is the most sensitive time because during this time you are as alien to the changes in your body as anybody else. Without there being any physical signs of change you will feel the changes within you. Therefore this is the time for you to listen to your body, to spend time understanding it and understanding what works best for it.

Rule 1: If you experience nausea during this time then you can take time off from your Yoga routine.

Rule 2: While it is understandable that you may not want to talk about your pregnancy with everybody since it is too early, it is imperative that you tell your yoga teacher because only then will he be able to guide you with the right postures and exercises.

Rule 3: If you are taking up Yoga for the first time, it is important that you join a professional class. However, if your morning sickness is too acute then you can wait till the second trimester.

Rule 4: If you are already a follower of Yoga, then too you need to inform your instructor about your pregnancy so that he/she may guide you on those exercises that will prove beneficial for you and warn you to stay away from too intense and energetic forms of exercises that may harm your body.


Yoga During Pregnancy Second Trimester

Trimester 2: This is the best time for regular prenatal yoga since by this your morning sickness would have been over and you would be more at ease with the changes in your body and will be able to match its expectations better.

Rule 1: While it is rarely the case but if you still feel nauseous then give yourself time off from Yoga.

Rule 2: It is a dangerous thing if you have still not told your Yoga coach that you are pregnant. This way you may be risking way too much than you think.

Rule 3: For people who are just adopting Yoga this is the time to start and keep at it regularly.

Rule 4: If you are a regular follower of Yoga and are used to doing intense exercises you may feel that your body is now asking you to slow down. The more gentle and relaxed techniques may be just what your body needs.


Yoga During Pregnancy Third Trimester

Trimester 3: This is a very challenging time. Your body will go through physical changes that may not be comfortable with. Practicing Yoga during this time will also be cumbersome. Take it easy on your body and give it ample rest. However you can continue with prenatal yoga as long as your body is up to the task.

Rule 1: Many women start yoga only when the due date is round the corner. If this is the case then there are exercises and postures that can help you. However, do not go overboard with it and give your body enough time to relax.

Rule 2: For people who have been following yoga for some time now this is the time to implement what they have learned. This is the time to implement the core teaching of Yoga – Listen to your body, read the signs it is giving out and reciprocate with gestures that will benefit it.

Poses recommended during pregnancy: Pigeon, Triangle, Knee to ankle, Baddha Konasana Warrior 2, Ardha Chandrasana. The Cat-cow position can help get the baby in a position that is perfect for childbirth.




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