Yoga for fertility poses

There are six famous poses prescribed in fertility Yoga.

Anant Asana: Also called the sheshnag or lying Vishnu pose. To begin with lie on your right side and inhale. Now bend you right arm at the elbow and place it below your head so as to support your head. Make sure that your head, torso and right leg are in the same line. Now exhale and lift your left leg straight up, hold the tip of you left toes with your left hand and hold this pose. Beginners may find it difficult to balance this pose; if that’s the case then you can do this pose lying against a wall.

The pose infuses the pelvic region with more blood and replenishes the entire genital system. It also tones your leg.

Padma Ardha Matsyendrasana: To start sit in the lotus pose or in a simple cross legged pose and inhale. Now while exhaling twist to your right, from behind grasp your left foot or the big toe on your left feet with your right hand. Your head should also twist to the right along the lines of your shoulder. Hold this pose and breathe normally. Repeat this a few times. Then continue the same process on the left side.

In case you are unable to hold your left foot with your right hand from behind, just place your right hand on your back and twist.

The twisting is a great exercise for the abdominal region. It helps in relieving stress and energizes the number of organs that are stacked in the abdominal region.

Poorna Titali Asana: Sit straight with your legs folded and your foot clamped to each other. Inhale deeply. While exhaling place your hands on the feet and move your feet closer to your groin region. Hols this pose for some time and continue breathing normally. Avoid this pose if you have a knee problem.

This Yoga acts as a great stress buster and improves your posture a lot.

Marjariasana: Kneel down and bend forwards, then place your palms on the floor, right before your knee and under your shoulders. Look up and inhale and while doing so your spine should be caving in. Then look down and exhale and while doing so lock your chin to the chest and cave out your spine. Stretch your arms and legs to its fullest so that the pose is perfect. Do this five to ten times.

This pose helps relieve the cramps you get during menstruation and is also highly beneficial to the uro-genital system.

Pashasana: This is also known as the noose pose. Inhale and stand up straight. Now exhale and slowly assume a squatting position keeping your feet close to each other. Pass your right harm (the elbow area) around the right knee and your left hand backwards towards the right. Now grasp your right hand tightly with your left one. Inhale again and the exhale and look over your right shoulder. Hold the pose and assume normal breathing. Repeat this sequence for the right side as well.

This pose has a squeezing effect on the entire abdominal region and therefore works the pelvic region very well. Also impacts the spine, make metabolism more effective and improves breathing.

Saithalyasana: Sit down on your heels and knees and lower yourself flat on the left side so that your hips are now touching the floor on the left side. Inhale and stretch the right leg behind you. In case you are not that flexible you can continue with your right leg bent as well. Now exhale and while doing so stretch your arms and hands and place them straight on the floor and also touch the floor with your forehead. Hold the pose and breathe normally. Release and then repeat the entire process on the right side.

This pose releases the hip region and invigorates the pelvic area. It tones the nerves in the spinal area and also helps in relaxing the entire body.



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