Yoga for kids


Yoga for Kids

Like all good things, Yoga too works best when it is practiced since childhood. There are many yoga exercises that are suitable for children and will help in their holistic development. Obesity that has become a bane with kids in India, America and other parts of the world can be checked through Yoga. These days the practice and teaching of Yoga has become a common phenomenon in various schools and colleges. With Yoga the sooner you start the better; also you have nothing to worry about because as long as you are doing it right it has no side effects on the body.


In today’s day and age children have a lot of reasons to be stressed – home work, the pressures to perform well, long tiring days at school, endless curricular activities etc etc. While the problems look small and something that can be dealt with, but for a 10 or 12 year it is as mammoth as feeding a family would be for a 35 year old man. Hence we must look at their problems to be as grave as ours and push them in the right direction so that their body can continue to perform brilliantly and they can deal with the day to day pressures better.


Children’s yoga mostly comprises of Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) which increases the body strength and stamina and chanting of the mantra can also make the heart stronger. The other most popular yoga exercise for kids is chanting Om. This helps children to focus and concentrate better. Also cleanses the mind of all impure thoughts and negative energies. It also fuels the surroundings with moiré positive and vibrant energy.


The third mostly practiced is Yoga Nidra. It involves deep meditation such that the body and mind is completely relaxed. This can be practiced either alone or with a group of people in a closed hall.


Many parents may wander about the repercussions of subjecting kids to such heavy exercises. However, Yoga is completely safe for children. It makes children realize the strength of their own body and mind. Children who practice Yoga have a more fit body and better posture. Helps in digestion, removes body fats and teaches them to breathe effectively.


Even without Yoga your child will grow and flourish, but with the help of Yoga he will grow with more confidence and positive energy. His outlook on life will be different and he will be able to face the challenges of the real world better.

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