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Prenatal Yoga

If there is one moment in life that changes everything about your life for you, it is motherhood. Suddenly you can no longer think as an individual alone because there is someone who is dependent on you for everything, be it love, nutrition, care or nurturing. This baby’s life will be entwined with you forever and while he will eventually set out in the world alone, there will always be something of you in him and vice versa.

Yoga During Pregnancy

During pregnancy your body is going through various changes, many that you will not understand especially if it is your first child. Hence it is important that you take precautionary measures and do things that are right for you and for the baby. You have to stay fit and healthy so that your baby stays fit and healthy.  Prenatal yoga helps you achieve that in the most natural ways possible. Whether you are a follower of Yoga or new to it is always advisable to take to Yoga during your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga will not just keep your body fit and active but will also drive positive energy around and within you and keep the negative vibes at bay. Prenatal yoga is also a great way to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the birthing process. You will meet many would be mothers and hence form bonds with them and also before he is even here your baby would have a play circle already!

Today prenatal yoga classes are at an all time high when it comes to popularity. It is beneficial because it helps you breathe easy which will be very helpful as you approach your due date and you will be required to stay calm while you may want to do otherwise. Ujjayi or the technique of breathing in fully such that your lungs are completely full and then exhaling is the first thing that is taught. This will be of great help when you go to labour. When we are in too much pain or very afraid of something our body produces more of adrenalin and less of Oxytocin (a hormone that makes the labour period pass). Regular Yoga practice will help you to find the strength to fight the gnawing pain in your body and keeps it from tightening up.

The pregnancy period is divided into three trimesters and for each of them there are specific instructions one needs to follow. However it is strictly advised that before starting with just any Yoga, would be mothers should consult an expert and your doctor. After all it is not just about you but the new life that you have chosen to bring to this world as well.

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