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Like all forms of training and education a good teacher makes a lot of difference in Yoga as well. India being the epicentre of Yoga is also home to some of the most revered yoga gurus in the world. This is the place where people from far and wide come to learn, practice and master the art of Yoga. Whether you are doing your research on Yoga or writing a book on it or just trying to learn about it following are some of the names that are likely to appear prominently in your searches. These are people who have made Yoga their vocation and religion. These are the people who are responsible for taking Yoga to the western world and they are the people who are the most sought after by all of the Yoga tourists who land in India for spiritual healing or physical fitness. In a fast paced and technology driven world that we live in, it is not pertinent that we meet these gurus and join their classes physically. We can also watch their DVD’s, read about them on the internet or watch their shows on TV.

Baba Ramdev: He is the man who took Yoga to every Indian household through his magazines and television channels. Baba Ramdev made people realize that sitting at home they could reap the benefits of Yoga and enjoy mental, spiritual and physical upliftment in a way that is not possible through any other forms of exercise. Baba Ramdev’s Yoga techniques are followed by people all around the world, especially the ones that require a lot of abdominal exercises. His flexibility is unbelievable and there is hardly ever a problem to which he does not have a solution derived from Yoga. His most famous patanjali yogpeeth is famous across the world.

Suneel Singh: Fit as a fiddle and dressed in cool casuals Suneel Singh is like any other man you would meet at the coffee store or the music festival. But this man has made a mark in the field of Yoga. Also known as the modern day yoga guru, Suneel Singh is known to have blended perfectly tradition and modernity in yoga. He is one of the first yoga gurus who introduced simpler practices like Zodiac sign, Yoga chi and Hasya Yoga. He is mostly called by corporates and modelling institutes to help people gain peace and composure so that they can deal better with their extremely competitive and always-on-the-move lifestyle.

BKS Iyengar: His teachings are more spiritual than physical. All of 92, BKS Iyengar can be rightly called the grand old man of yoga in India. His yoga is all about silencing the chitta, which is the human consciousness. He also promotes the use of eco-friendly products.

Bharat Thakur: His teachings promote Yoga as a way of life and not just a form of exercise. His speciality lies in artistic yoga and people mostly consult him for professional growth and personal betterment.

Bikram Chaudhary: The man behind what is popularly known as ‘hot yoga’ or Bikram Yoga. His field of yoga mainly focuses on the 26 postures and the ability to perform them in a heated environment. These postures when practiced under a heated atmosphere are extremely beneficial for the body and also help people lose weight drastically as a result of sweating.

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