Yoga Poses For Kids

Specific Yoga exercises for Kids


The Leaf yoga pose for kids : Sit on the floor with a straight spine and your feet together. Place your hands on the ankles. Now gently bend your spine and bring it back to the straight position. Do this repeatedly.


The Flower yoga pose for kids: Sit on the floor with a straight spine and your feet together, one sole touching the other. Place your hand on the ankles. Now move your knees up and down 10-20 times.


The Cricket yoga pose for kids : Sit on the floor with your spine straight and your feet together either cross legged or the soles touching each other. Place your hands on the ankles.  Your head and eyes should be looking forward and then upwards. Now lean your right ear towards your right shoulder and similarly your left ear to your left shoulder. Then straighten your head. Repeat this several times.


The Owl Pose: Sit cross legged on the floor, your arms on the side and the palms touching the floor. If you are sitting on a hard surface, spin your body around once using your hands. Repeat this many times.


The Bird yoga pose for kids : Sit with your feet together and join your hands together at the back at the end of the spine. Now pull your shoulder blades together and your head upwards. Slowly relax your hands, shoulders, back and spine and bend your head downwards. Repeat several times.


The Squirrel yoga pose for kids: Sit cross legged with your spine straight. Raise both the arms upwards and looking up too first stretch one arm towards the ceiling followed by the next. Then stretch the arms sideways making forward and backward circular movements with the arms.


The Rocker Pose: Sit with hands on the sides and legs crossed. Now place the hands on the top of the shoulders. Rock your body either side to side or front to back. Relax your back. Make sure that while rocking the child does not roll over.


The Salutation yoga pose for kids: Sit with your legs far apart and your spine kept straight. Legs should be straight but not tight and your toes should be pointed. Press palms of the hands against each other so as to do a Namaste. Ensure that your lower arms run parallel to the floor. Release the palms and then press again. Now stretch your arms upward and outward and then upward again. From there bring it back to the front (in the Namaste pose) again.


The Snake yoga pose for kids: Lie on the back with your feet together and your knees bent. Place your arms on the sides with the palms on the floor. Lower spine below the waist is pressed against the floor and the upper spine is relaxed. Breathe through your lungs and contracting the abdominal muscles and, hold for 3-4 seconds. Relax and then repeat the process.


All of these  kids Yoga are simple and your child’s young body will benefit greatly from it. It is important that you consult a Yoga guru before starting these with your child especially if your child is suffering from any health hazards.

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